Are Vape Pens Bad for You?

Are Vape Pens Bad for You?

Vape pens are on the top of discussion among teenagers and have been availed enormous popularity. The excitement is continuously increasing as the thrill of smoking this has found great acceptance in the society of teenage members. Vape pens are familiar as e-pens or e-cigarettes and are available in numerous forms that contain various active ingredients. This discussion concludes with the answer to a question, whether vape pens are good or bad or are Vape Pens Bad For you?

What is a Vape Pen?

The size of vape pens is generally small ranges from a shape of a pen to size of a big cigar. It is filled up with e-liquid, vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol, liquid cartridge. It is a kind of liquid nicotine mixture along with other ingredients. The total device comprises of rechargeable battery and an atomising heating unit. The process of taking vape pen is like you have to turn the atomiser on in order to heat up e-liquid and breathe in and out the water vapour accordingly.

The details of a vape pen material are what and in which ratio they are present in water vapour are composed below.

  • E-liquid consists of 85-95 % vegetable glycerin along with polyethene glycol and propylene glycol. Respective chemicals are the nicotine carrier and act to add the herbs to vape pen.
  • Moreover, 10-20 % ingredients are amalgamated in order to bring flavour to it. This flavour has different types such as oil spearmint or food-based flavours as available in candies.
  • In addition, vape pens are packed with 0-2.5 % nicotine with distilled water content for better dilution.

Difference between a Vape Pen and a Desktop Vaporizer?

The most evident difference between both is the portability. Vape pens can be carried everywhere. All you need to do is slip them in your pocket whereas Desktop vaporizers are not easy to carry.

Desktop vaporizers produce vapor by whip attachment or balloon. They are much more efficient as regards energy and built. Vape pens on the other hand allow you to vape anywhere on the go or at the convenience of your home. The only cons of the Vape Pens are the small chambers and restricted battery life. Also, only one person can use a Vape Pen at a time.

Are Vape Pens Bad for You?

The answer is yes. However, the effect of vape pen is much lesser than a genuine cigarette. This e-liquid cigarette comprises of nicotine and some other components that will harm you. So literally saying, vape pens are not safe too. The adverse effects of this electronic cigarette are described below on the basis of composing components.

  1. Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Glycerol or glycerine is used to apply in beverages, drinks, foods, personal cares, or drugs. It has been extracted from sugar and moreover, it is sugar alcohol. It has the power to absorb water content and that’s why it is applied to protect food from getting dry out. It is an anti-toxic item, though it can affect the irritation in the throat or can dry out your mouth by increasing thirst.

  1. Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene Glycol has been considered as a safe ingredient and it is certified by FDA. This ingredient is popular in the industry of food manufacturers and has very common use as an adhesive in desserts and ice creams. But the main drawback is at high temperature, this chemical compound is transformed into small polymers, which is very bad for your lungs and can damage badly. Few allergic reactions and sore throats are shown after using vape pens among the users.

3.Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

Consumption of Polyethylene Glycol in huge ratio can attack badly and causes serious harm in lungs as well. It is an anti-freezing agent that has been widely used in the sphere of the food industry.

  1. Nicotine

The present nicotine compound in vape pens is the leading toxic component. This chemical consists of 0.5 to 3 % weight of dry tobacco. Nicotine can act as a stimulant only when it is absorbed by the body in small amount only. When the intake of nicotine touches the height of large ratio such as 75 mg to 100 mg, it can be appeared as very much poisonous and toxic. It can become the reason of high blood pressure, lightheadedness and boosted heart rate.

Can Vape Pen Really Help Me Quit Smoking?

It is a proven truth that vape pen has lesser bad effects than a cigarette. It does not mean that it is not having any adverse effects. However, many vape pen lovers try to establish the concept that vape pens can reduce or can help to quit the habit of cigarette. But this is not as strong as much and probably be not the best way to help yourself.

The quitting cigarette is not possible in a single day rather than reducing the amount of daily nicotine consumption gradually. The amount of nicotine in an e-cigarette is not mentioned as for your concern and this may lead you to get addicted to new item like vape pen. There is no rules and regulation to add a number of composed ingredients on the labels. How far is it possible, that an individual vape pen contains a maximum of 24 mg/ml nicotine?

Are vape pens better than Marijuana?

No more doubt is there, after getting a basic comparison of vape pens with cigarettes and also after discussing the adverse effects of e-cigarettes that what will be the comparison of vape pens and marijuana. In order to solve newly arisen question, you have to dive into the basic components of both products. Vape pens comprise of high nicotine level mounting huge toxin. Moreover, it does not create a deep smell in the air like cigarettes. This is why it is quite difficult to understand the concentration level of nicotine in vape pens. Many people are there who consider this as nicotine free which is totally wrong.

Furthermore, these pens contain oils or waxes. This wax houses THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) that also exists in marijuana. Behind the psychological effect of weed or marijuana, this ingredient has a large impact. But in vape pens, it is present in a high amount and can surely create more dangerous effect than marijuana smoking. The difference is that it smells so less in the case of vape pens which makes you unable to recognize. However, the effect can be stronger in vape pens and can lead to psychotic disorders or hallucinations.

What is so fascinating about Vape Pens?

Several factors contribute to the fascination that youngsters these days have for Vape Pens. Rebellion, social acceptance and technology are the major factors. Other factors that contribute to the popularity of Vape Pens among youngsters are distraction from personal or family problems, being a part of the cool gang and the built and design of the Vape Pen. One can try several flavors and also customize the design and built of the Vape Pen according to their needs.

Side Effects of Tums

side effects of Tums

Tums is a brand of over the counter calcium carbonate that can be used both as a calcium supplement and as a means of an antacid to help cure any issues that are related to heartburns, stomach pains, and acid reflux and so on. It is always better though to keep your doctor well informed when using this means of medication because at times an overdose of calcium can be quite detrimental for your body which is why you must take controlled amounts of Tums to stay healthy at all times..

Side Effects of Tums

No matter what you are using Tums for whether it be a supplement or to treat issues such as heartburn it is always better to read the containers in order to understand dosage varieties for both adults and children. Dosage can be varied as per what you require so take a note of Tums side effects when taking too much as well:

[table id=8 /]

Warning: there are many other side effects to Tums which either have not been recorded yet or the quantity is so small that people just don’t feel that they are side effects but if you see that you are facing certain issues after eating too much Tums that are not mentioned in the Tums side effects given above then you must get in touch with a medical official immediately as it might be detrimental to your body if you do not do so..

When to See a Doctor

  • If you start to experience too much urination then stop Tums immediately and call your doctor or advice..
  • Tums side effect do not primarily revolve around allergic reactions but if you start to feel itchy, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, tight throat then contact your doctor immediately as it may mean that you are allergic to calcium carbonate.
  • If any side effects persist or worsen over a period of time then try to stop taking Tums. Most side effects go away after you stop taking Tums but if this does not even help then seek a doctor’s help immediately..

How to Avoid Side Effects of Tums?

Before Taking Tums

Make sure that you inform your doctor of any of these issues before starting to take Tums:

  • Read the package and see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in Tums
  • Make sure your blood does not have a high calcium level.
  • If you are planning to get pregnant, are already pregnant or if you are breastfeeding then talk to your doctor before taking Tums.
  • If you have any other miscellaneous problems like heart problems, bowel issues, appendicitis and so on then talk to your doctor immediately.

Follow the Instructions and Directions in order to avoid side effects of tums

It is always best that you follow the instructions provided on the packaging to the best of your abilities. It is always better to break up your dosage for maximum absorption as well for example if you have to consume 600 mg a day then do that in separate sets throughout the day for maximum absorption. It is always better to follow your doctors advice in regards to dosage and take all the help you can get in regards to taking Tums adequately.

Tips for Different Types of Tums

  • Chewable tablets.If you are eating chew-able tablets then make sure you chew them well before swallowing the tablets in order to avoid Tums side effect.
  • Effervescent tablets. Dissolvable tablets are not meant to be chewed or swallowed whole so make sure they dissolve completely in water before drinking the water.
  • Liquid or powder products must be put through an adequate measuring process using a proper measuring spoon. Make sure you shake the liquid product well before drinking it.

Doxycycline and Alcohol

Doxycycline and Alcohol

To fight bacterial infections, there is category of medications that we call tetracycline antibiotics. The medication doxycycline is simple a class of medication that falls under this category. The usual treatments for this type of medication usually tends to inhaled anthrax disease, malaria, acne, lyme disease, pneumonia, urinary pr any sort of genital infections and such. Skin infections too can be treated using this. Since this is strictly formulated to combat bacteria infused infectious conditions, an infection caused by the virus will not be appropriately treated using this medication. This includes viral flu or colds. The medication class, Doxycycline works by preventing further reproduction and expansion of the bacterial growth through the body while it boosts up the immune system and aids in combating the persisting bacteria. To know more on the combination of doxycycline and alcohol keep reading below-

Post: Drug Induced Psychosis

Doxycycline and Alcohol

A roasted sun burnt skin would require preventive measures in the manner that you don’t expose your body to the sunlight. In the same manner, being on a doxycycline mediation course would require you to postpone or prevent your alcohol intake habits if you want the medication to work at its fullest. The caution or information label to this bottle doesn’t list no alcohol intake which is why people are usually unaware of the fact as they keep combining the medication and the alcohol simultaneously. However, just know even if it’s not expressively noticed on the label, it is still a precaution that you need to keep in mind.

Mixing doxycycline and alcohol not only reduces the efficiency of the medication but also works to flush the antibiotic out of your system way too fast. The presence of the alcohol in the system metabolizes the compounds of the medication thereby rendering them useless and with no effect. This particular effect is mainly caused in the scenario when a person subjects to drinking heavily. However, the alcohol intake and tolerance level varies from person to person which makes it impossible for us to provide you with a proper acceptable alcohol consumption rate during the medication period. This is why it is usually advised that you prevent the intake altogether during. For someone, a heavy drink may just mean a couple of few drinks. To counter or treat this effect you can upgrade your doxycyline dosage per day which would counteract the alcohol in your system and reduce the effects of the alcohol.  But on the occasion of this consult and abide by the professional doctor’s guidelines to avoid risks of overdosing and side effects. Never resort to upgrading your dosage unit by yourself.

Since alcohol destroys the probiotic flow to your intestines, if you consume both the items together you would end up making your health go through worse conditions. Usually probiotics aid in regulating your digestive system which makes or breaks your health. With these malfunctioning, problems like vomiting, nausea or an upset stomach might be quite common. Pain in the stomach along with bowel irregularities will also be a symptom you may experience. Women in their pregnancy or post pregnancy, i.e. the nursing period should strictly refrain from alcohol consumption which goes without saying. This is not only advised for the baby but also for the mother herself who may experience side effects owing to the doxycycline effect.

Some particular infections require you to absolutely prevent or eliminate alcohol intake from your diet or schedule in order to treat and combat the infection judiciously. To treat the bacterial invasion with doxycycline you would need a complete alcohol free environment in your body since it on combination can be a fatal risk. Always keep your doctor’s consultation as a priority to avoid risks and side effects. You may also consult the doctor regarding your alcohol intake.

More Precautions to Follow When Taking Doxycycline and alcohol

Always abide by the guidelines that your doctor lays for you whilst on the doxycycline prescription. This indeed is a very powerful drug. doxycycline and alcohol should never be mixed- that’s a given but apart from that there are certain precautions and care that you need to take before putting on a doxycycline prescription.

  1. . If you are allergic to any of these following- tell your doctor to refrain from prescribing this class of medical drugs. They are- doxycycline, sulfites, tetracycline or any sort of bacteria fighting drug. if you are not aware of any such allergic reaction ask the doctor to look into the matter before prescribing.
  2. If you are already going through a course of prescription or over the counter medication for any other illness, let your doctor know regarding it to avoid mix up or drug interaction.
  3. Antacids, calcium supplements or laxatives that contain iron or magnesium products in them render the drug doxycycline useless in effectiveness. One should always take the doxycycline a good hour or two prior or post to the intake of any laxatives, supplements or antacids as such. In case you are taking iron or iron related supplements, take doxycycline a good two hour before or three hour after the medication.
  4. If you suffer from conditions relating the kidney, liver or diabetes consult your doctor before he prescribes doxycycline to you.
  5. This powerful drug may take a toll on the infant so tell the doctor if you are pregnant or planning on becoming one anytime soon. If you are already on the drug course and are pregnant at the same time, consult your doctor. They may prescribe you to discontinue the medication.
  6. If you are scheduled for any sort of surgery, even as minor as a dental surgery while on the course of doxycycline, let your doctor be aware of the situation.
  7. Doxycycline makes your skin sensitive to the sun rays. Therefore limit your sun exposure. If you indeed have to be outdoor for too long a period tale protective measures- a hat, sunny shades, protective clothes, abundant sunscreen etc.
  8. If you are using this medication to protect yourself against malaria, use proper preventive measures alongside- insect repellant, mosquito nets, proper skin covering clothes etc. stay in insect protected environment that are well screened and prepared. However, this medication will not provide full treatment for malaria so consult your doctor regarding it.
  9. If you use doxycycline during pregnancy or prescribe them to children under 8, you may risk the chances of staining their teeth permanently. Unless it has been specifically prescribed by a professional or to treat inhaled anthrax, never prescribe this to children, especially less than 8 years of age.
  10. Hives, blurring of vision, nausea and vomiting and skin rashes may be the possible signs of a heavy oncoming allergic reaction. Gather knowledge by yourself regarding the medication and its interaction and consult your doctor regarding the side effects. In case of overdose immediately get in touch with your local poison control.

This will help you understand the doxycycline and alcohol combination effects as well as the precautions to be taken.

Drug Induced Psychosis

Drug Induced Psychosis

What is Drug Induced Psychosis?

Psychosis is an issue that should not be meddled with at all and is something that you would not want to have on a regular basis because it makes a person lose touch with reality which is something that causes delusions and a false reality that could be proving detrimental to the person in the long run. One of the things that you need to understand about drug induced psychosis is that it can happen only when you have psychedelic drugs so it is best to stay away from any form of these drugs to stay healthy.

Drug Induced Psychosis- Drug Names and Repercussions

The drugs induced psychosis creates such an environment for the patient that you as a victim may find it difficult to establish contact and maintain it with your surrounding environment.  According to a study released by Psychiatric Times, almost 74% of the victims suffering from this condition had a past history or substance abuse. Almost 62% out of them has been a victim to alcohol and drug abuse.

In a state of drug induced psychosis more people tend to have hallucinations and delusions which are both auditory and visual. Many people develop a psychotic disorder owing to the substance abuse. Almost 7% to 25% patients end up being diagnosed for psychotic episodes once again owing to the drug abuse in the past.

The list below tells you about the various drugs that have a vital role to play in psychosis.



Drug Name
  • Toluene
  • Gasoline
  • Butan
OTC Drugs
  • Dextromethorphan
  • Antihistamines
  • Cold Medicines
  • PCP (Phencyclidine) or Angel Drug
  • Ketamine
  • LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide)
Prescription Drugs
  • Isotretinoin (Accutane)
  • Decarboxylase Inhibitors
  • Antipsychotics
  • Anticholinergics
  • Fluoroquinolones
  • Corticosteroids
  • Antiepileptics
  • Methamphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Methylphenidate
  • Amphetamines
  • Khat
Synthetic Drugs
  • Mephedrone (“Bath Salts”)
  • Synthetic Cannabinoids
  • MDMA (Ecstasy)
  • Marijuana
  • Barbiturates
  • Opioids
  • Benzodiazepine

Drug Induced Psychosis Symptoms

It is quite difficult to differentiate at times the symptoms of psychosis is caused by a drug user or because the user has stopped using drugs but has used drugs in the past but there are a few symptoms that are provided below.

  1. Symptom Vary from person to person

There are a few well known symptoms that are triggered with excessive drug abuse but the most astonishing fact is that symptoms are unique from person to person in this regard because each person has a different way of reacting to the drugs in question making it a little harder to diagnose though it is not that difficult.

  1. Generalized Symptoms
  • The initial stages of drug induced psychosis usually include symptoms like depression, concentration or focus loss, changes in the sleeping habit or suspiciousness.
  • A set of some of the common symptoms at this time would be- aggressive behavior, elevated heart rates, change in blood pressure, change in body temperature, pupil dilation, tremors and rapid breathing, diarrhea and sleep apnea, psychomotor agitation or restlessness.
  • The later stages of psychosis would include hallucinations, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, delusions and difficulty in functioning properly.
  1. Symptom Recognition after Abstinence

At times the symptoms may last long even after you have abstained drugs. In this case the psychosis was not induced by drugs but other factors. If we are talking about drug induced psychosis, the symptoms such as schizophrenic behaviors usually fade away or start depleting once you go off course and keep away from the drug. However, patients suffering from elongated drug abuse or grave intensities may experience the symptoms latched on to you even after your abstinence period.

Drug Induced Psychosis Treatments

If the symptoms show no relation to the mental disorder that you may have possessed before the drug abuse started, there are other particular ways to make yourself better. Some of the treatment techniques for the drug induced psychosis therefore will be:

  1. Get Rid of the Drug

The drug type may vary. It can either be cocaine or cannabis or any other sort but the prior steps to repair and recovery always starts with discontinuation of the drug abuse that has caused the psychosis symptoms in the first place. If you do not do so, the recovery pattern will never come to be and the experiences with psychosis may get worse.

All legal or illegal drugs need to be kept away unless your doctor advices you against it. Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and substances as such may stand as an obstacle in your recovery process. Hence, it is for the best if you keep away from them as well.

  1. Alleviate Your Symptoms

The root cause is what treatment depends on and so does the drug induced psychosis.

  • There have been some cases when the root cause had nothing to do with drugs. This is especially applicable for those who have suffered with a pre-existing mental disorder where the doctors keep you sober and sane for weeks on end.
  • The most common treatment would be a very low dose of antipsychotics prescribed to you by your doctor to help you contain or relieve the serious symptoms. These medical drugs would assist you by helping you stabilize your dopamine levels and thereby ensuring your mental state is healthy.
  • Psychosis can also be induced by a standard therapeutic drug which is on prescription. Even though this is a rare case, your doctor would lower the dosage of the drug or advice against continuation to prevent the psychosis from taking over.
  1. Counteract the Effects

The doctor needs to monitor and diagnose the mechanism of the drug that has induced the psychosis in the first place. Then he would prescribe to you a medical drug to counter act the effects caused by the first drug. If the drug in the question has inhibited reuptake of the dopamine, your doctor may prescribe to you a receptor antagonist. This would allow you to manage your symptoms in a more relaxed pace by reducing the effects of the dopamine. Since most of the drug induced psychosis has a relation with excess production of dopamine, the best treatment to work on is the antipsychotics.

  1. Try Therapy

If you or someone related to you is undergoing a drug induced psychosis seek medical assistance immediately. Often the patients or the suffer may be exposed to life threatening effects caused by the drug abuse and may stay delirious or in a sabotaged state of mind almost all the time. With medical assistance, you can stabilize the situation or tend to other symptoms such as elevated heart rate, change in the beating rhythm, high blood pressure or even fever.

Help from a psychotherapist can help you break out of the psychotic behavioral pattern and may help you make cognitive changes in your health and behavior. By doing so your therapist also becomes aware of the danger levels that the patient may suffer with.

Dissolvable Stitches

Dissolvable Stitches

Moving our focus away from normal traditional stitching, doctors nowadays are using material called dissolvable stitches which can be used on shallow and even deep wounds quite effectively. This material dissolves over time removing the trauma of dealing with traditional stitches on your wound and provides an adequate means of protection for your wound. Normally these stitches take 1 or 2 weeks to dissolve.

How Do Dissolvable Stitches Work?

Dissolvable stitches are stitches that use your body’s natural means of removing foreign agents to do its job. Normally these stitches are made out of materials such as silk, hair, collagen and even degradable artificial materials that can easily be degraded and dissolved over time. Over time as your wound heals your body will be encouraged to dissolve this kind of stitching.

When Are Dissolvable Stitches Used?

Surface wounds are the main cause of the requirement for dissolvable stitches but these stitches can be used for under the skin wounds as well for example heart surgery and so on. These stitches have applications for on skin wounds and below skin wounds quite effectively and help a person heal fast and easy.

Dissolvable stitches are very useful and stay intact right up to the point where your wound heals and fades. If you see that your stitches are still intact causing irritation even after your wound has healed then it is better to visit your physician for help. Your doctor will inspect your skin and remove any loose ends that are associated with your stitches.

Stitching material varies from one another to a great extent and material used to make stitches is based on various elements. For example stitches used to cover up plastic surgeries and to avoid scarring normally consist of dissolvable stitches. Thicker woven stitches are used in areas where scarring is not an issue or where the wound is deep. Stitches also vary in flexibility depending on where they are used. for example highly active areas of the body require highly flexible stitching so that the job of healing is done without any tearing.

How Long Will Stitches Take to Dissolve?

The dissolvable rate of any stitching is based on the area that the stitches are located. Stitches that are located on the surface on your skin for smaller wounds will dissolve in no time owing to the fact that they are dissolvable stitches but stitches that are for deeper wounds will take much longer to dissolve so as to make sure that the stitches do not dissolve before the wound has healed.

One of the most important things to know about dissolving stitches is that the time it takes to dissolve depends on what material the stitches are made of. Most stitches take as little as 1 or 2 weeks to dissolve up to a certain extent when the wound has healed. It is best to visit your doctor at this time to allow a nurse to remove the ends of the stitching. A doctor will be able to give you the estimated time that it takes for you stitching to dissolve.

There are a few known cases where dissolvable stitches do not dissolve properly. This is mainly caused by stitches that are out of the body and away from the dissolving affect of your body’s fluids. At this time it is best to get your stitches removed by a professional doctor.

Caring for Dissolvable Stitches

Protect Stitches. Constant scratching of your stitches is bound to cause damage therefore it is better that you do not scratch your stitches at any point in time even though they are strong. It is always better to keep your stitches clean at all times so that they dissolve naturally. If you are tending to a child it is always better to keep your child away from sand, mud and salty water as it may cause added reactions to your stitches. It is always better to avoid any kind of sports or swimming at this time so that you can give your stitches a chance to heal naturally. Your physician is the best person that will be able to give you an entire list of things that you should avoid so as to let your stitches heal naturally.

Beware of Infection. Infection is why you need to call your doctor whenever you are feeling down for the count per say. Infection can be caused during the process of taking care of the stitches and may include redness around the area affected, pus or swelling around the wound, intense pain around the wound or even fever at some point, itchiness and so on. It is quite easy to treat an infection if you catch it at the right time and take your doctor’s advice on the matter of dissolvable stitches.