Drinking Epsom Salt

Drinking Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is named after the Epsom spring in surrey England where this wondrous salt is actually derived from. Epsom salt has a great many benefits to the body and works hard to keep a person fit and healthy at all times making it a very beneficial salt for the human body. Epsom salt is a edible salt that can be controllably drunk in order to avail of its many healing benefits. Be careful though because Drinking Epsom salt can be harmful as well which is why you must control the amount you consume at a time.

How to Drink Epsom Salt for Liver Detox?

Precautions in order to determine whether you are at risk for drinking Epsom salt: people who are on a number of medications such as digitalis or digoxin or any other antibiotics should be very careful when consuming Epsom salts because there may be adverse effects to your body at this time. It is very important that you take the advice of your doctor for the best results. There is no proof that pregnant women cannot indulge in drinking Epsom salt but it is always better to keep your doctor in the loop when pregnant..

Epsom salt is a very good detox remedy but you would have to stop taking any sort of medications or antibiotics at this time and indulge yourself in a two day remedy programme in order to properly cleanse your body.

Step 1: have two daytime drinks and be careful what you eat

The day your detox has to begin try and have a no fat breakfast consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables and cereals. Then take three tablespoons of Epsom salt and mix it in five cups of water and refrigerate the mixture. Try not to eat anything after 2 pm to keep your body clean. At about 3 o clock drink ¾ of the mixture that you made and eat a pink grapefruit along with it. you can add a pinch of vitamin C mixture to your drink in order to increase the flavour. Drink the rest of the mixture at 8 pm and get ready for bed.

Step 2: drinking Epsom salt mixture at night

It is better to try and take a bowel movement before going to bed because this cleanses your system. Mix the grapefruit and olive oil mixture into the Epsom salt and drink it while standing, after that lie down on your bed with your head elevated for adequate circulation.

Step 3: Continue the Detox Recipe the Next Day

The second day consists of you maintaining the process with the only difference that when you get up you must drink another ¾ mixture of Epsom salt and then lie down for the next two hours. After that eat fruits and consume the rest of the mixture that you have leftover. It is okay to have a proper meal for dinner on the second day after diligently following this process for the best results because at this time drinking Epsom salt has cleansed your system. During this cleanse you will experience diarrhoea so be prepared to address this issue.

Drinking Epsom salt side effects

  • Digestion Problems. Taking Epsom salts on a daily basis for about two or three days may cause issues such as gas, diarrhoea, bloating, cramps and so on. It is not wise to drink Epsom salt for more than a week when trying to eradicate excess bowels from the system
  • Magnesium Toxicity. Drinking Epsom salt frequently may cause magnesium sulphate poisoning that has many adverse effects to the body which may include vomiting, nausea, decreased drowsiness awareness and so on. Major cases can even lead to death which is why you must be careful not to overdo drinking Epsom salt so as to stay healthy at all times.

Overall Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

The sulphates and magnesium present in Epsom salt can be absorbed quickly by the body and has a number of great health benefits. Epsom salt manages almost 375 different enzymes in the body.

BenefitsWhy It Helps
Reduce StressStress is an issue that many people face on a daily basis and can have very adverse effects on the psychological makeup of the person. This is where Epsom salt steps in with its high levels of magnesium that help to increase serotonin levels in the body and provide and sense of calm and relaxation that helps to fight stress. Epsom salt also increases the ATP levels in the body and provides for a means of energy and improves sleep quality and even improves concentration to a major extent.
Soak Your Feet to Relieve Muscle PainEpsom salts have a majority of healing aspects for the exterior body as well and can even be used as a means of relaxation. It not only reduces pain from inflammation but can also be used to reduce pain from childbirth as well. Epsom salt can be simply put in a bucket of warm water and you can soak your feet in this bucket for a healing effect to your mind and body.
Regulate Body FunctionEpsom salts help to maintain and increase electrolyte levels in the body which is a must in regular body function. Drinking Epsom salt is the best way to go about this.
Prevent Blood ClotsEpsom salts help to improve circulation, maintain blood pressure and even speed up and maintain blood clots which all in turn add towards the fight against heart attacks and heart disease.
Increase Insulin EffectivenessIncreasing th effects of sulphate and magnesium in the body will in turn help to build up magnesium levels which are very useful for the body.
Relieve ConstipationAs mentioned earlier Epsom salts are a very good laxative on their own and drinking Epsom salts during a period of cleansing can help to rid your body of a number of toxicities.

Given below is a very informative video on how to maintain body balance by drinking Epsom salts: