Doxycycline and Alcohol

Doxycycline and Alcohol

To fight bacterial infections, there is category of medications that we call tetracycline antibiotics. The medication doxycycline is simple a class of medication that falls under this category. The usual treatments for this type of medication usually tends to inhaled anthrax disease, malaria, acne, lyme disease, pneumonia, urinary pr any sort of genital infections and such. Skin infections too can be treated using this. Since this is strictly formulated to combat bacteria infused infectious conditions, an infection caused by the virus will not be appropriately treated using this medication. This includes viral flu or colds. The medication class, Doxycycline works by preventing further reproduction and expansion of the bacterial growth through the body while it boosts up the immune system and aids in combating the persisting bacteria. To know more on the combination of doxycycline and alcohol keep reading below-

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Doxycycline and Alcohol

A roasted sun burnt skin would require preventive measures in the manner that you don’t expose your body to the sunlight. In the same manner, being on a doxycycline mediation course would require you to postpone or prevent your alcohol intake habits if you want the medication to work at its fullest. The caution or information label to this bottle doesn’t list no alcohol intake which is why people are usually unaware of the fact as they keep combining the medication and the alcohol simultaneously. However, just know even if it’s not expressively noticed on the label, it is still a precaution that you need to keep in mind.

Mixing doxycycline and alcohol not only reduces the efficiency of the medication but also works to flush the antibiotic out of your system way too fast. The presence of the alcohol in the system metabolizes the compounds of the medication thereby rendering them useless and with no effect. This particular effect is mainly caused in the scenario when a person subjects to drinking heavily. However, the alcohol intake and tolerance level varies from person to person which makes it impossible for us to provide you with a proper acceptable alcohol consumption rate during the medication period. This is why it is usually advised that you prevent the intake altogether during. For someone, a heavy drink may just mean a couple of few drinks. To counter or treat this effect you can upgrade your doxycyline dosage per day which would counteract the alcohol in your system and reduce the effects of the alcohol.  But on the occasion of this consult and abide by the professional doctor’s guidelines to avoid risks of overdosing and side effects. Never resort to upgrading your dosage unit by yourself.

Since alcohol destroys the probiotic flow to your intestines, if you consume both the items together you would end up making your health go through worse conditions. Usually probiotics aid in regulating your digestive system which makes or breaks your health. With these malfunctioning, problems like vomiting, nausea or an upset stomach might be quite common. Pain in the stomach along with bowel irregularities will also be a symptom you may experience. Women in their pregnancy or post pregnancy, i.e. the nursing period should strictly refrain from alcohol consumption which goes without saying. This is not only advised for the baby but also for the mother herself who may experience side effects owing to the doxycycline effect.

Some particular infections require you to absolutely prevent or eliminate alcohol intake from your diet or schedule in order to treat and combat the infection judiciously. To treat the bacterial invasion with doxycycline you would need a complete alcohol free environment in your body since it on combination can be a fatal risk. Always keep your doctor’s consultation as a priority to avoid risks and side effects. You may also consult the doctor regarding your alcohol intake.

More Precautions to Follow When Taking Doxycycline and alcohol

Always abide by the guidelines that your doctor lays for you whilst on the doxycycline prescription. This indeed is a very powerful drug. doxycycline and alcohol should never be mixed- that’s a given but apart from that there are certain precautions and care that you need to take before putting on a doxycycline prescription.

  1. . If you are allergic to any of these following- tell your doctor to refrain from prescribing this class of medical drugs. They are- doxycycline, sulfites, tetracycline or any sort of bacteria fighting drug. if you are not aware of any such allergic reaction ask the doctor to look into the matter before prescribing.
  2. If you are already going through a course of prescription or over the counter medication for any other illness, let your doctor know regarding it to avoid mix up or drug interaction.
  3. Antacids, calcium supplements or laxatives that contain iron or magnesium products in them render the drug doxycycline useless in effectiveness. One should always take the doxycycline a good hour or two prior or post to the intake of any laxatives, supplements or antacids as such. In case you are taking iron or iron related supplements, take doxycycline a good two hour before or three hour after the medication.
  4. If you suffer from conditions relating the kidney, liver or diabetes consult your doctor before he prescribes doxycycline to you.
  5. This powerful drug may take a toll on the infant so tell the doctor if you are pregnant or planning on becoming one anytime soon. If you are already on the drug course and are pregnant at the same time, consult your doctor. They may prescribe you to discontinue the medication.
  6. If you are scheduled for any sort of surgery, even as minor as a dental surgery while on the course of doxycycline, let your doctor be aware of the situation.
  7. Doxycycline makes your skin sensitive to the sun rays. Therefore limit your sun exposure. If you indeed have to be outdoor for too long a period tale protective measures- a hat, sunny shades, protective clothes, abundant sunscreen etc.
  8. If you are using this medication to protect yourself against malaria, use proper preventive measures alongside- insect repellant, mosquito nets, proper skin covering clothes etc. stay in insect protected environment that are well screened and prepared. However, this medication will not provide full treatment for malaria so consult your doctor regarding it.
  9. If you use doxycycline during pregnancy or prescribe them to children under 8, you may risk the chances of staining their teeth permanently. Unless it has been specifically prescribed by a professional or to treat inhaled anthrax, never prescribe this to children, especially less than 8 years of age.
  10. Hives, blurring of vision, nausea and vomiting and skin rashes may be the possible signs of a heavy oncoming allergic reaction. Gather knowledge by yourself regarding the medication and its interaction and consult your doctor regarding the side effects. In case of overdose immediately get in touch with your local poison control.

This will help you understand the doxycycline and alcohol combination effects as well as the precautions to be taken.