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Non communicable Diseases List

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Non communicable Diseases List Picture

Non-communicable diseases list is an important one to have in hand. This will help you get an insight into this particular section of diseases and help you face them better when they arrive.

Black Specks In Stool

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black specks stool

Black Specks in Stool-Should you be anxious? Black specks in stool are not a common sight and are often seen when there is an underlying medical condition in your body.  In some cases, black specks can also appear because of certain foods that you eat. The colour, consistency, texture and general appearance of your stool […]


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Cyst Definition and meaning:- It is an abnormal lump or sac like structure, mostly filled with fluid which can be found anywhere on the body. What is a Cyst? It is an abnormal pouch like structure or lump that can grow anywhere on the body. It is usually filled with liquid substance, but sometimes a it can […]

Baker’s Cyst

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baker’s cyst

Baker’s Cyst Definition : – It is a bag of fluid that appears as a lump at the back of the knee. It causes stiffness in the knee along with pain. Understanding a Baker’s Cyst It is a fluid filled sac that is forms a bump at the back of the knee. It is often packed with synovial […]

Sebaceous Cyst

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Sebaceous Cyst- Definition :- It is a minor, closed pouch under the skin that contains oily or sticky material. What is a Sebaceous Cyst ? Sebaceous cysts are benign cysts of the skin that contain an oily or semi-liquid material. They mostly contain fragments of Keratin that are white color and a crucial component of hair […]


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spermatocele pictures 3

Spermatocele Definition:- A cyst like mass that forms on or within the epididymis is called Spermatocele. It is filled with dead sperm cells and fluid and is also called an epididymis cyst. Spermatocele- An Overview It is a fluid-filled bulk that forms on the epididymis. The genital structure of the male consists of scrotum, which […]

Nabothian Cyst

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nabothian cyst pictures 3

Nabothian Cyst Definition:- It is a mucus-filled growth on the surface or the exterior part of the cervix. What is a Nabothian Cyst? It is a cyst or a mucous filled lump that develops on the surface of the cervix, which is the connecting body part between the vagina and the uterus located at the lower end […]


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anasarca pictures 5

Anasarca Definition:- It is a medical term used to define a condition where a person experiences edema or swelling of different parts of the body due to fluid retention in various body tissues. What is Anasarca? It is a medical condition which is marked by swelling in different parts of the body due to excessive fluid retention […]


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petechiae pictures 4

Petechiae Definition: These are pointed, red dots that appear on the skin as a result of bleeding or broken capillary blood vessels. Bleeding causes them to appear purple or brown in color. What is Petechiae? Petechiae or Petechiae Skin Purpura are pin pointed red dots that appear on the skin due to bleeding within the skin […]

Fordyce Spots

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Fordyce spots Definition and meaning:- These are small, elevated, pale yellow, red or white color bumps or acnes that appears typically on the lips, shaft of the penis, the labia, scrotum and foreskin of the penis. They are also termed as Fordyce granules or Sebaceous Prominence. What are Fordyce Spots? Pale yellow, red or white color […]