Cramping after Period

Cramping After Period

A menstrual cramp is a main reason for the pain you have before period. The pain could be mild or harsh which generally affects the lower portion of your abdomen along with the pelvic zone. The medical term of the painful menstruation is dysmenorrhea. Most of the women faced cramping after period. Is the pain of cramping a normal phenomenon? To get the detail just go through the article.

cramping after period

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Cramping After Period, Is It Normal?

Cramping occurs in most of the cases of menstruation, but this is not the only reason for the pain. Some associated issues also cause the pain even after completing the period.

  1. Ovulation Is the Reason

This is very common and also the main reason of the periodical pain. During ovulation, eggs get out from the ovaries which do not create any problem under the natural situation. The problem occurs almost after 15 days of the last period and you may go through the mittelschmerz condition which causes the pelvic pain along with cramps during ovulation.

  1. Devices of Birth Control

Have you inserted any intrauterine device in your uterus? Then the chance of cramping after period is high enough. To prevent the contact of sperms and eggs medical experts implant small plastic based birth control devices into the uterus which helps in preventing the unwanted pregnancy. Some ladies experienced little cramps due to the implantation of birth control devices after a certain time

  1. Due To Endometriosis

During endometriosis, the tissues of uterine develop in the ovaries whereas the exact location should be the uterus for growing the tissues. This condition is generally the reason of cramping after period like pain. Like usual uterine tissue, this fully developed special type uterine tissues though break out and bleed but cannot get out from the body during the period. Many women go through a constant pain due to pelvic cramps which increase at the time of periods.

  1. Adenomyosis Also Responsible

The muscular wall of the uterus is having the endometrial glandular tissue. Adenomyosis is a condition of the uterus which causes abnormal growth of the endometrial glandular tissue along with multiple other symptoms like the loosing of blood, extensive period, unusual bleeding of uterine along with the cramping after period.

  1. Fibroids of Uterine

Sometimes the cramping occurs due to the presence of non-cancerous tumors into the smooth muscle of the uterus. Apart from cramping after period, the tumors are also responsible for different symptoms like increasing weight of the waistline, abnormal bleeding, and frequent urination.

  1. Due To Cysts of the Ovary

A cyst appears inside the ovary due to multiple different reasons which are responsible for harsh pain. The prime reason of dysmenorrhea is these cysts which lead severe complication that can make a woman infertile. Polycystic ovarian syndrome also may happen apart from cramping after period due to the ovarian cysts.

  1. Inflammation of Pelvic Zone Causes

The cramping after period may occur due to the infection inside the uterus, ovary or fallopian tube of a woman. Sometimes the infections get severe and cause infertility apart from tissue scarring. Discontinuous bleeding during menstruation along with vaginal discharge is the symptom of the pelvic inflammation.

Time to See a Doctor

Now it is clear to you that multiple reasons are there which produce pain along with cramping after period. If the pain creates a constant hectic to you then you must visit your doctor as soon as possible. Never get late to consult with your doctor if the pain of cramping occurs along with blood stool and dizziness or high fever. As per your condition, your doctor may treat the problems by examine the pelvic zone and suggests some imaging tests accordingly to conduct an exact diagnosis.

Tips of Dealing with the Cramping After Period

Proper diagnosis is a must thing to do if you are having the painful cramping after period. The points of dealing with the cramping after menstruation are:

  1. Medications

Proper medication such as consuming of steroid free anti-inflammatory drugs can help. As per the doctor’s suggestion combine antibiotics should be taken apart from the hormonal cure and the pills for birth control. If the problems are due to the cysts or fluid-filled sacs then undergoing surgery is the best, as per the condition of your reproductive system to get rid of the pain.  How to treat cramping is completely dependent upon your doctor.

  1. Home Therapies

Some home remedies you can try which are easy to apply and also works effectively to reduce the pain of cramping after period. Here are the tips below:

  • Some analgesics or OTC painkillers help in reducing the intensity of the pain causes due to the menstruation which you can have while the pain becomes severe.
  • Take a warm shower whenever you want which gives relaxation by trimming the pain.
  • Tea, coffee or warm milk is perfect for drinking during the pain as these beverages help to manage the pain perfectly.
  • Apply a warm pad on the lower portion of your abdomen which helps in managing the pain properly.
  • To get rid of the pain causing cramps you can apply some easy techniques of relaxation at home.