Constant Burping

Constant Burping

The other word for burping is belching which is simple the passing of gas from your stomach to your mouth. It is from the mouth that you release the gas thereafter. Usually the characteristic for this may be a foul smell or an unpleasant noise that follows the burping. This is quite a natural phenomenon and can or may happen to anyone at any point of time. However, if the burping persistently keeps coming back, it may indicate a problem regarding the gastrointestinal duct. Even though it is important that you go to the root of this problem, simple home cures can actually help you fix the issue of constant burping.

Constant Burping Causes

Now the causes for cancer can either be simple like simply swallowing air. However, it can also be grave in nature such as a life threatening disease boiling inside of you, say like gastric cancer. Enlisted here are some of the common causes that may cause persistent belching:

  1. Aerophagia :- Aerophagia is the medical name where the constant burping scenario is caused by swallowing of air. This condition usually occurs when someone drinks aerated drinks too fast or eats quickly. Even if you choose to drink your liquid with a straw, the condition has a high risk of occurring.
  1. Unpleasant dietary habits :- A person’s poor dietary habits can be blamed for his constant case of belching. If your lifestyle includes too many fast foods in a day or as a matter of fact, too many fatty foods, gas production in your stomach increase thereby crowding up the digestive duct. Processed or canned food has the same effect. The same can also be said for food that is acidic in nature or chocolates. There are some particular veggies too that cause the same effect like cabbage, beans, onions and such. Bowel system blockage or the gastric outlet obstruction too would cause such a symptom. Materials that usually don’t get digested too can stir up the same trouble. It can be hair, certain food items or objects that were accidently swallowed which lead to excess of gas formation in the system.
  1. Digestion problems :- Disorders regarding the digestive system can definitely stir up some trouble with your system causing excess gas to form. The after effects of this are persistent burping. A few of the most common digestion disorders include GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease, hiatal hernia, gastritis, gastric ulcer or irritable bowel syndrome. Belching or flatulence can also be blamed on excessive amounts of fatty foods.
    • IBS- If you feel symptoms such as constant diarrhea, gas, bloating or pain in the abdominal area, chances are that you are experiencing Irritable Bowel Syndrome. There is no basic cure for this condition but there are some tips to suppress this condition. Remaining stress less is essential as well as reducing some particular food habits to suppress this matter.
    • Gastroparesis- Gastroparesis also known as partial paralysis of the stomach is a condition where the stomach muscles weaken thereby facing difficulty in passing the food from the stomach region to the intestines. This is why the food in the stomach hangs around in the stomach for a much longer while leading to excess gas formation in the stomach. This causes excessive belching or nausea even.
    • Gastric cancer: if you have contracted gastric cancer, chances are that constant burping is occurring due to this very matter. Some of the symptoms for it are nausea, bleeding, abdominal pain and vomiting. In such a case, treat the condition immediately to avoid risking expansion of the cancer cells.
  1. Pregnancy :- Constant burping during pregnancy is actually noted to be quite a common issue. During the pregnancy term, the woman contains within herself higher levels of the hormone progesterone which in turn relaxes the muscles. This slows down the digestion process. The results for it may be flatulence, belching and bloating. Inactivity during pregnancy would only encourage the situation.

Constant Burping- Remedies And Cure 

  1. Constant burping through the pregnancy term: As mentioned prior to this, burping is a natural symptom that a pregnant woman may experience. Therefore, you cannot completely prevent it from occurring. However, try to get yourself adjusted to the routine activities or simple softly exercising such as walking or yoga may help contain the situation at hand. Exercising is not only limited to pregnant women as normal people too can use this method to relieve belching. Not only does exercising keeps indigestion at bay, but it also enhances the digestion process and keeps flatulence away.
  1. A few change in the daily routine: Aerophagia is usually caused by fast eating or drinking and therefore one must always eat or drink at a relaxed pace. This would prevent gulping of extra air that would go on to cause burping. Also, stress eating is not good and one must always eat with a relaxed calm self. Always opt for lose comfortable clothes. Too tight clothing would cause tightness in the waist area and promote flatulence and even abdominal discomfort.
  1. Refrain from eating certain food items:
    • There’s a reason why they say eating with your mouth open is a bad habit. Breathing with your mouth or eating with it open allows more air to pass thereby causing belching to appear.
    • Anxiety and nervousness usually causes extra air to pass into your mouth and to your system eventually. Therefore always try to control and contain your anxiety or nervousness.
    • Carbonated or aerated drinks usually enhance the process of belching.
    • Chewing gums or smoking too may affect you.
    • Caffeine, tea and alcohol consumption too should be kept at minimum.
    • Some of the food items that cause excessive gas in your system are- beans, onions, chocolates, cauliflower, lentils, apples, sugar, broccoli and peaches. Try to limit their consumption.
  1. OTC medications and certain foods: There would be some herbs present that would reduce flatulence. These are anti flatulence in nature and would reduce belching or flatulence. Some of these herbs can be recognized as mint, chamomile, ginger, fennel and burdock.  Yogurt or fenugreek seeds too aid in improving your digestion process as it tries to relieve constipation symbols. Over the counter medicines such as antacids can help you recover from gastroesophageal reflux as it reduces your gas and burping.
  1. Underlying conditions: If you discover any underlying condition as to why the repetitive burping is occurring, diagnosis and treatment of the condition will be the best way to deal with this situation.

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When does constant burping require a doctor’s visit?

Home remedies usually do their magic but if the remedies and home cures have not improved your condition and the OTC medicines too haven’t shown any signs of help, it is best if you get a professional healthcare provider to diagnose the underlying problems and get to the root of it. as already discussed prior to this, the underlying problem may be hinting its presence through the constant burping condition. Some of these disorders may be say gastric cancer, gastritis or gastroesophageal reflux disease. Quick diagnosis and instant treatment can help you relief this condition.