Where is cocoa grown in the World?


While cocoa originated in Central America over 5000 years ago, its popularity and production have spread globally. Most of the world’s cocoa is grown in a belt 10 degrees either side of the equator but the cocoa growing area has extended to the Caribbean and beyond. Cocoa grows in warm, wet climates similar with regular rains and a short dry season to where bean originated. Countries, where cocoa grows, are as follow:-

· West Africa

· Asia

· Dominion Republic

· Peru

· Mexico

· Ecuador

· Brazil

· Cameroon

· Nigeria

· Indonesia

· Ghana

· Cote d'Ivoire
The cocoa tree is a native of the Amazon basin and other tropical areas, but it is also cultivated in many all over the world. Different types of cocoa are grown but the best quality cocoa is grown in Ghana in West Africa and Asia. The main producers outside the main central American producers, Brazil and Ecuador, are given below:

West Africa
Ghana grows some of the best quality cocoa in the world. Cocoa was first planted in Ghana and is grown almost entirely on small family farms. Cocoa farming is a small unsophisticated business as the current planting patterns of cocoa trees make mechanization impractical.

In Asia, public and private plantations have been developed as well as small farms.

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