When was the first microwave popcorn invented?

The First Microwave Popcorn Was Invented in 1946 by Dr. Percy Spencer, an employee at Raytheon Corporation who was conducting experiments with a magnetron. While working with the magnetron, once he discovered that a chocolate bar that he’d kept in his pocket had melted. Curious about this, he started experimenting with other foods items to observe what would happen.

One of those foods was popcorn, which popped when came into proximity of the magnetron. this lead to the creation of microwave popcorn which further led to the invention of the actual microwave. Spencer himself holds the patent for microwave popcorn.
As the story goes, a worker for the Raytheon Corporation was directing trials with a magnetron. His name was Dr. Percy Spencer and he truly adored eating chocolate. One day while working with the magnetron, he found that the chocolate bar that he'd kept in his pocket for later had softened. Inquisitive about this, he started to try different things with different foods to witness what might too. One of those food things was popcorn, which popped when brought into nearness of the magnetron.

Raytheon cherished the thought thus did Spencer. They understood they were onto something with the food warming that could happen and this in the end prompted to the creation of the microwave. Spencer himself really holds the patent for microwave popcorn. One might say, in any case, that the development of microwave popcorn is the thing that really prompted to the innovation of the microwave.

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