What kind of tea helps you sleep?


Chamomile tea acts as a mild sedative and can help in calming nerves. It is safe for children as well however it may allergic reaction to people who allergic to ragweed.
The following different types of tea help to relax at night and get soothing sleep:

1. Valerian Root Tea

It acts as a mild sedative that help the brain relax and sleep.

2. Herbal tea

Herbs such as Chamomile flowers, Valerian, Oatstraw, and Passionflower combined into herbal tea will greatly affect sleeping habits.

3. Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon balm is a standard herb that forms a very powerful tea for insomniacs.

4. Lavender tea

Just a cup of lavender tea can ease your mind, body, and help you fall asleep.

5. Sleep and Dream Tea

Chamomile, spearmint, St. John’s wort, rosebuds, nettle leaf, and dried lemon or orange peel forms a perfect blend for sleep remedy.

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