What is the difference between a simple and complex breast cyst

Cyst is quite a common problem in the body especially in the breasts. There are two type of breast cysts- Simple and Complex.
Simple breast cysts has quite a smooth and a thin wall and is filled with fluid. They are usually oval in shape.
Complex cysts also known as complicated cysts are filled with anything other than clear fluid, like debris or an old blood clot and are harmless in nature.
Also, the latter has solid suspensions in the fluid and is thicker than the simple cyst.
A breast cyst is the gathering of liquid inside the bosom, more often than not bringing about bosom irregularity that you can feel. In the event that you discover any breast lump, whether you think it is a cyst or not, it is basic to counsel your social insurance supplier as quickly as time permits. In the event that a breast growth does not have all the earmarks of being consistently liquid filled, but rather seems to have some strong components, these progressions the photo impressively. Blisters with a blend of liquid and suspended strong components are normally called "complex" cysts, and if the strong components are truly noticeable it may even be known as a 'complex cystic mass'. Complex blisters will be considered more important by the doctor, and will probably be biopsied. Around 5% of breast cyst go up against this "intricate" presentation.

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