What does heme positive stool mean?


Fecal occult blood test refers to blood in the feces that is not visibly apparent. If the test is heme positive, it means there is blood present.
Fecal occult blood testing (FOBT), as its name suggests, expects to distinguish unobtrusive blood loss in the gastrointestinal tract, anyplace from the mouth to the colon. Positive tests ("positive stool") may come about because of either upper gastrointestinal bleeding or lower gastrointestinal bleeding and warrant promote examination for peptic ulcers or a danger, (for example, colorectal tumor or gastric disease). The test does not specifically identify colon growth but rather is frequently utilized as a part of clinical screening for that sickness, however it can likewise be utilized to search for active occult blood loss in anemia or when there are gastrointestinal symptoms.


The fecal occult blood test is used to determine the hidden blood. Presence of occult blood in the stool is dangerous and is symptoms of colon cancer or polyps in the colon or rectum. Occult blood is passed in very small so it can be detected only by using a chemical in FOBT. If FOBT is positive then some more tests are done in order to check the source of bleeding.

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