What does an ideal protein cost?


Amid Phase 1 of the Ideal Protein diet, you'll eat 3 Ideal Protein diet nourishments every day. The Ideal Protein cost for nourishment is $4 to $5 per meal/dinner. The costs of some are higher. Some are lower, so how about we utilize $13 every day. Along these lines, in Phase 1, you'll eat three Ideal Protein supplements for each day and spend a normal of $92 every week for your suppers.

The Multi-vitamin is sixty cases for $30.10. The Calcium-Magnesium supplement contains 120 cases and expenses $24, the Omega 3s are $31, and a two-month supply of Potassium is $13.


The ideal protein costs on average about $5 per meal($15 a day). This includes Ideal Protein foods, supplements, and vegetables you have to buy at local store. If the budget is going high and expensive then we can deduct the cost related to foods that are not allowed during the weight loss phases of the Protocol, for example specialty coffees, alcohol, crackers, pastries and all fast food alternatives.

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