Pinched nerve in neck and shoulder blade pain


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Hi all,

I am feeling pain in my left shoulder blade and many times this pain transfers from my left arm to my back and many times even to my elbow.

I had accident many years back but I became fully fit after that now this pain is again back, I did MRI just a week ago and it didn’t call out as pinched nerve, and now I have no idea what it can be. I have tried many things but with little or no success thou laying ice does give some relief majority of times

Can anyone suggest many any type of yoga or exercise that can bring in some relief.

I will be happy if anyone can give some suggestions.

A pinched nerve refers to the condition in which too much pressure is applied to the tissue surrounding a nerve, including a bone, muscle or cartilage. A pinched nerve is often very painful and uncomfortable, and even more when it affects the shoulder blade.

The pressure may result of a compressed or trapped nerve caused due to overexertion of arms or shoulders. A pinched nerve condition is very common and not permanent. It interferes with the transmission of signals from the brain to the nerve. It is not life-threatening, but obviously, affects the health of a person.