how to make your nose smaller with lemon juice?

There are number of ‘nose exercises’ you can try to get a smaller nose or to alter the shape of your nose, but these exercises does not work. In fact, these exercises may result in more harm than benefit.

Applying lemon juice to the nose does not make it small. Moreover, it can irritate your skin and if it reached inside your nose then there can be harmful effects. So, applying lemon juice to make nose look small is completely waste of time.

By moving, squeezing and heavily massaging the nose, you could be causing stress to the bones or cartilage beneath.

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As far as i know lemon juice thou can help in reducing your blackheads or acne but it definitely cannot make your nose smaller.
Thou I have read somewhere that if you squeeze lemon juice on a glass then dip cotton balls on it and wipe it on your nose. It might shrinks your nose effectively for some time but thats again myth .There many more such things in internet such as toothpaste, garlic paste, ginger powder,
apple cider vinegar or any other anti-inflammatory ingredients that might help you but that again a myth.
one thing that i have heard that works without surgery is Nasofix Nose Reshaper.

Rest don't go by anyone atleast do some research and then make your own conclusions based on facts.
Please do look for reviews of Nasofix Nose Reshaper. before you plan to buy any such thing.
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Lemon juice can make nose shape smaller but it is very time-consuming and that is why people claim it is not an effective remedy. some of the home remedies which can be applied to small your nose are such as ice therapy, Ginger, toothpaste.

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