How to make your hair grow faster naturally in a week

Hair is one of the very important aspects of a personality. However, with increasing problems like pollution, stress, sedentary lifestyle and more, there has been constant issues that people face where hair health is concerned. The beauty of hair is reflected in the shine and growth. To grow hair faster and naturally in just a week, you can start using the methods below-
1. Have foods rich in biotin, like almonds, walnuts, eggs, salmon, sardines, milk, cheese, cauliflower and avocados.
2. Wash Hair from Cold Water
3. Have spinach as well as broccoli
4. Massage the hair with coconut oil. In winters, the same applies but a little warm.
5. Make natural hair masks and apply them all over for a faster hair growth.
6. Castor oil application is quite an effective idea in this situation.

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