How to make your hair grow faster naturally in a month

Hair undoubtedly is one of the important features of the body and something that can positively or adversely affect the look and personality. However, due to increasing stress in life, bad eating habits, unhealthy diet and lifestyle and also pollution, there has been a significant increase in hair problems faced on a day to day basis. One such issue is stagnant hair growth.
There are some natural remedies that can help you grow hair faster in just a month. See how-
1. Coconut oil massage helps in moisturising and nourishing the scalp and strands and thus improve hair growth.
2. A balanced diet full of protein, vitamins, minerals can help for sure.
3. Have plenty of water. This regulates the system of the body and thus improve hair health and growth.
4. Yoga and meditation or any other way of exercise that reduces stress is good not only for overall health but also for the hair growth.

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