How to make period come faster if it running a bit late

Delayed periods has become a common phenomena when it comes to women's health. The increasing environmental and internal factors like pollution, bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, stress and consumption of alcohol are some of the reasons for the same. However, there are some simple things if your periods are running a bit late. Here goes some help-
1. Try having sex.
2. Vitamin C rich foods in the diet can bring on the periods faster than expected.
3. Have a healthy diet full of vitamins, minerals and balanced nutrients.
4. Ginger tea is a good natural way to achieve this goal.
5. Hot compresses 2-3 times a day in the abdomen area is again a helpful idea.
6. Reduce stress (exercising, yoga, meditation can help here)
7. Have apple cider vinegar (1-2 times a day would suffice)
Other methods to make period come faster are given below:-

– Birth Control Methods or Contraceptives cannot only stop conception from taking place but can also help having periods come faster. They also make sure women will have lighter periods without having problems.

Herbs- There are some herbs that can be effective in making women’s periods come faster. Some herbs that you can take are ginger and parsley. They cause the uterus to expand. These herbs also help in balance out the hormonal imbalances that might be causing the delay in period. Prepare the tea made with ginger or parsley and Take it in the morning for best results.

It speeds up your period. You can also add honey to combat the sour taste of pineapple.

Sri Kalpa

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Early puberty in women due to the change in eating habits is a leading cause of hormonal imbalance which is a major contributing factor of delayed periods. Hormonal imbalance can affect women at any stage of her life. Some natural tips to make the delayed period arrive at the earliest.
  1. Take ajwain seeds with jaggery mixed in a glass of water on an empty stomach
  2. Eat papaya fruit either raw or ripen to induce periods
  3. Consume ginger in the combination of honey every day on an empty stomach before the regular date
  4. Drink Fenugreek seeds boiled in water to induce periods
  5. Consume high levels of vitamin C to increase estrogen levels in the body that contributes to uterine contractions and induce the period.


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