How long does a sunburn take to heal?

It will take three days for your skin to develop new cells while peeling off the dead skin cells that were damaged. A moderate sunburn lasts for longer time than mild. It may take one week for a moderate one to heal.
Sunburn is generally of two types: mild and serious (moderate).

While having mild sunburn you’ll notice redness and a few degrees of pain, several hours after sun exposure. A mild sunburn may last anywhere from between three to five days. During that time, your skin may begin to peel in the affected area.

Moderate sunburn is usually more painful and you may have to go for over-the-counter pain medication. It will take a few days longer than a mild one to cure. You can get some relief by getting cool compresses and by taking a few lukewarm baths. Products containing aloe and vitamin E will help to soothe irritated skin.


When your body comes in contact with sun rays then rashes occur within a few hours. These rashes can stay for a long time if not treated properly. So, mostly in summer, there is a need to take some precautions before going out. Aloe vera and some cool compress can get rid of rashes quickly. Also, lots of intake of water can speed up the healing.

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