How long after sex can you get pregnant symptoms?


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I have had sexual intercourse with my long time boyfriend yesterday and since I virgin i started bleeding for the first time. Now i am worried about pregnancy and want to know how long after sex can you get pregnant symptoms?

It is generally believed that the human body starts releasing the hormones after conception only. But that is not true. The body starts discharging the hormones immediately. It takes around 6 days for the fertilized egg to reach the fallopian tube and getting attached to the uterus.

As soon as the ova is fertilized by sperm, the hormones are released in the females to prepare the body for pregnancy and the uterus.Therefore, you can begin feeling the signs even a day later. It's not necessary that you feel the symptoms right away, it depends on how much you are in touch with your body.


Conceptions are 3-4 minutes or 4-5 days after sexual intercourse. Symptoms of pregnancy can be seen after a week or it may be longer. Many women do not observe any early symptoms of pregnancy.

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