How does a doctor diagnose rheumatoid arthritis?

Alka Goyal

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The doctor will examine each joint, looking for tenderness, swelling, warmth and painful or limited movement. The number and pattern of joints affected can also indicate RA.


Rheumatoid Arthritis can be diagnosed by a physician by noting down the person's signs and symptoms. Rheumatoid Arthritis may resemble other forms of inflammatory arthritis. No single test can confirm this disorder. Following are the test done by a doctor to diagnose the RA:-

Medical History
personal and family medical history

Physical Exam
Examination of each joint, tenderness, swelling, painful movement, etc.

Blood Tests
To check inflammation levels

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate) and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels.

Checking the levels of Rheumatoid factor (RF)

Imaging Tests
X-ray, ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging scan is done to diagnose RA


The doctor first examines the medical history of a patient. Then he sends the patient for a blood test. These tests include complete blood composition, ESR(erythrocyte sedimentation rate), CRP(c-reactive protein) to check inflammation. Patient with RA has a high level of ESR and CRP.

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