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Hello All,

Can anyone guide me with home remedies to control high blood pressure during pregnancy ?



Around 5%-6% of pregnant women all over the world suffer from the problem of high blood pressure. The risk is high in first time pregnancy. Home remedies to treat high blood pressure during pregnancy are given below: -

Limit the intake of Salt in diet- Reduce the salt intake in your diet by at least 3g per day can really help you in lowering the blood pressure.

Exercise- Daily aerobic exercise not only reduces the blood pressure of the hypertensive women but also reduces the risk of this problem.

Maintain a healthy weight- Women who are overweight can increase the chances of high blood pressure. So, maintain it.


You should walk daily early in the morning. You should stop or reduce sodium intake. Stop over thinking about anything. Do some exercise under the guidance of an expert. A healthy diet is more important. Always check your blood pressure and consult your doctor at regular interval.

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