Exercises to Strengthen the Lower Body


Many people do exercises only to strengthen their upper body. They forget that they also have to exercise their lower body to have a proportional figure. Here are some exercises to balance your workout and obtain that healthy body.

Reverse crunches are designed to help improve the lower abdomen as well as the legs. Lying flat on the floor, try to pull your legs up towards you. You can bend your knees when you do this but keep the tension in the abdomen in place. This way, the lower part of your abdomen will get the exercise it needs as well as strengthen your leg muscles when you pull it back.

Another one that will help train your lower body is squats. Spread your legs apart with knees bent. Then, with 10 lbs. dumbbells on each arm, lower your buttocks down while keeping the lower legs steady. If properly done, the knees when bent should be at a 90 degree angle and the upper body kept straight as much as possible. This way, your lower body muscles will get equal strain and thus, ensuring all muscles is well trained.

These are only a few of the exercises you can do to strengthen your lower body. You can look up for more training tips in the internet. Just remember when you exercise your upper body, do not forget that it is your lower body that holds it up in place and it also needs training and exercise. So go now and start training that lower body into the perfect shape it needs to be in.
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