Exercise to Lose Unwanted Belly Fat


Have you ever wanted to make your belly fat go away? Well, you cannot do that just by simply wishing it away. You can do a few of these exercises to speed up the process of losing that stomach and straight into the six pack abs you always wanted.

Crunches are the most common exercise you can do to get that 6 pack abs. Try doing the exercise for 30 minutes a day. You can even do this while sitting down. If you are lying down, bend your knees and curl your body towards it. You do not need to go all the way. It is enough that you feel tension in your stomach. If you are sitting, you can pull up your legs close to your body. No need to go hardcore. Just make your belly feel the tension and it is all good.

Another exercise that you can do is sprints. Yes, this is a cardio workout that will enhance not only your stamina but make you burn fat fast as well. Run flat out for 1-2 minutes then at normal pace for 10. You can do this for an hour and you have a really fast fat burning workout for your belly.

There are still a lot of belly crunching exercises that you can do. These two are the most common ones that you can do at your convenience. Make sure that you allot time for these exercises to et the body you always wanted.

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