does snake bite piercing hurt?

Snake piercing might or might not hurt. For some people it is just pinch and for some it may take 3-5 for the swelling to vanish. Overall, it doesn't hurt that much.


Snake Bite piercings hurt a lot and moreover you will feel double the pain of single piercings pain. Therefore, it is recommended to go for 1 piercing at a time. While the awareness of pain depends on a person, things such as wrong jewels, contagions, trauma and improper aftercare can cause you extreme pain.

A little bit of inflammation is also very normal in the days directly following the piercing, so be ready for this. Eating and speaking may be a bit more problematic than usual! Ice may help with this. You can also keep the head elevated while you speak, to decrease the swelling.


It is actually lip piercings on both sides of the lower lip. If the piercer is experienced then he will stab through easily with less pain. It may hurt more in case of thick muscles of the mouth. I will 5 points out of 10 to snake bite pain scale.

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