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    What does it mean when my dog's stomach makes noises?

    Hello, My gsd female (4.5 month old) was not eating anything since 2-3 days apart from wood , grass and beetles..now I just gave her curd pedegree and now she is sleeping but her stomach makes noises ..What does it mean ? Is there anything to be worried about this sounds? Thanks
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    My puppy eats wood from tree, or wooden boards

    Hello All, I see my 45 days puppy eating wood bark from the tree and many times he even eats wooden boards. Please guide with the solution. Thanks
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    What food should I give to my 45 day old puppy ?

    Recently i bought 45 days old gsd puppy, now i don't know what to give my puppy. I had planned to give him milk but what i read on internet says that we should never give milk to puppy. Please guide with food for 45 days old German shepherd puppy. Thanks