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    Acne or Cyst on Vagina Lip During Pregnancy. Any Solution ?

    My wife is 8 month pregnant and she has developed cyst on her vagina lip which keeps on getting bigger even after cleaning the spot. is this cyst dangerous for my wife ? will this cyst, bump or acne on vag affect delivery ? can delivery be risky with this vaginal acne ? Thanks
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    What is on the inside of a cyst?

    A doctor needs to check the cyst to figure out if it should be sent the lab for a nearer examination. As we cut into it, we can see an external layer that resembles a tough skin. This is the part that has shaped the "balloon" that is holding the substance inside. A cyst is an unusual, shut...
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    What is a cyst and what causes it?

    Cysts happen inside tissue, and can influence any part of the body. They shift in size from minuscule to the extent of some group activity balls - vast blisters can dislodge interior organs. In the body, a cyst can likewise allude to any typical pack or sac in the body, for example, the...