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    How are dogs loyal ?

    Hi all, I see everyone saying dogs are loyal they are more loyal than human beings but I want to know how are dogs loyal ? and to what extent can they go to prove their loyalty? I have seen dogs like doberman biting their family member so how can we call him loyal ? Thanks
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    What does it mean when my dog's stomach makes noises?

    Hello, My gsd female (4.5 month old) was not eating anything since 2-3 days apart from wood , grass and I just gave her curd pedegree and now she is sleeping but her stomach makes noises ..What does it mean ? Is there anything to be worried about this sounds? Thanks
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    Can I put aloe vera on a diaper rash?

    Unlike the coconut solution for baby rashes I would like to know if I Can put aloe vera on a diaper rash on the affected area of the baby? Thanks
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    Can you use coconut oil for diaper rash?

    I was looking for some natural solutions for diaper rashes in potty area of the baby. Can I use coconut oil for diaper rash? Will coconut oil fix rashes ? Thanks
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    What can cause a diaper rash?

    I just want to know What can cause a diaper rash and what precautions should we take inorder to keep away our kid from this problem Thanks
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    How do I deal with the rashes in babies potty area?

    Hello My son is mere 1 month old and I see rashes coming up in his potty area and due to it he keeps on crying until he gets tired and sleeps ..yesterday his rashes were gone and again it has come..we have started using rashes cream but it fixes rashes but after some time or day these rashes...
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    Can babies sleep on their tummy?

    Hello all, My new born baby keeps on getting on Timmy while sleeping i am bit sceptical of letting him sleep on his Timmy, can anyone tell if babies sleep on their tummy? If no then why and if yes why Tnx
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    Can newborn babies sleep on their side?

    My new born baby is 3 days old and I want to know if my newborn baby can sleep on their side or not? Thanks
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    How should a newborn be placed to sleep?

    Hello My son is mere 3 days old and back to home from hospital now I want to know How should my newborn baby be placed to sleep? Thanks
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    How Long Should a couple Wait To Have Sex After giving birth ?

    How long should a couple wait to have sex after giving birth to a child ? Is it ok to have sex after 2 weeks of giving birth ?
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    When can we start doing sex after normal delivery of my wife ?

    Hello I want to know when can we start doing sex again after delivery of my wife. My wife's delivery was normal. Thanks
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    What is Copenhagen Diet ?

    Hello All, Today while searching for fitness articles, i came through diet called copenhagen diet , now i want to know what is copenhagen diet ? is it better then GM Diet Plan ? Thanks
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    What are the best sex positions to help women have their orgasms?

    Hello All, I would like to know about sex positions possibly about sex positions that help women have their orgasm. Regards
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    What are the Best Sex Positions To Improve Your Sex Life ?

    Hello Friends, I would like to know what are the best sex positions that can help us improve our sex life. Thanks
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    Acne or Cyst on Vagina Lip During Pregnancy. Any Solution ?

    My wife is 8 month pregnant and she has developed cyst on her vagina lip which keeps on getting bigger even after cleaning the spot. is this cyst dangerous for my wife ? will this cyst, bump or acne on vag affect delivery ? can delivery be risky with this vaginal acne ? Thanks
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    My puppy eats wood from tree, or wooden boards

    Hello All, I see my 45 days puppy eating wood bark from the tree and many times he even eats wooden boards. Please guide with the solution. Thanks
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    What food should I give to my 45 day old puppy ?

    Recently i bought 45 days old gsd puppy, now i don't know what to give my puppy. I had planned to give him milk but what i read on internet says that we should never give milk to puppy. Please guide with food for 45 days old German shepherd puppy. Thanks
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    Important Role Of Mood Swings During Menopause

    Menopause is a stage in life where women stop having their periods. Menopause comes with symptoms like emotional and physical symptoms. Physical symptoms include the night sweats and hot flashes. The mood swings are one of the psychological symptoms. This is a sudden change of mood that leads to...
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    Build Your Muscles the Fun Way

    Training yourself to become the muscle man you always wanted takes time and effort. But it does not always need to be that way. There are ways that you can do to make your exercise more enjoyable than it is supposed to be. For starters, doing cardio exercises does not mean doing it on a...
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    Exercises to Strengthen the Lower Body

    Many people do exercises only to strengthen their upper body. They forget that they also have to exercise their lower body to have a proportional figure. Here are some exercises to balance your workout and obtain that healthy body. Reverse crunches are designed to help improve the lower abdomen...