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    what is the cruise control diet?

    I somewhere read that some diet names cruise control diet is good for losing weight. can someone tell me what is the cruise control diet? Thanks
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    What is Golo Diet ? Does it Help in Losing Weight?

    I just heard somewhere about Golo Diet what is basically this diet and does it really help in losing weight ? how many day does it take to lose weight and how much wait can be lost with this diet. Thanks
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    What is the difference between an X-ray, CT scan and MRI?

    What is the person called in terms of post which does these scans What kind of illness does a person possibly has who goes through CT Scan, X-Ray or MRI ? I would want to know what are the difference between these medical equipment and terms In terms of machines used and procedure. and...
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    Burning sensation after masturbation

    I'm almost 20 years old with this problem arising since i was 18 year old, initially after masturbating my penis used to burn for some time and it would go away after that, from last few days its been bit longer today i did masturbate while taking bath now whenever i pee i feel sharp burning...