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    Where do gall stones come from?

    Gall stones are lumps that originate in the bile duct or gallbladder itself when the subtances inside are hardened.
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    What species is a camel spider?

    camel spider is from the Arachnida species.
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    What is the use of chest X ray?

    chest xrays are used to observe any abnormalities in the thorax area.
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    What is a complete blood count?

    A CBC test measures the entire details of your red blood cells. This can include the WBC, RBC and platelet count.
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    What are the flat moles called?

    Flat moles are usually referred to as Junctional moles.
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    What are symptoms of a sunburn?

    Pinkness, redness, hot skin, tenderness and swelling are felt.
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    Is bronchitis a lung infection?

    Yes, it is a lung infection as it is related to the bronchi of the lung.
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    Is a fever blister a cold sore?

    Yes, they both mean the same thing. Both are cause by Herpes simplex virus.
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    how to remove red moles on head?

    Excision or electrocautery may be used to remove the red mole from the head.
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    how to remove red moles on face?

    Surgery, laser therapy or chyrotherapy can help remove moles from the face.
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    how to remove red moles on body?

    Red moles can be removed with home remedy methods or a visitation to the doctor for analyzation.
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    How does the snake communicate?

    They use their sense of smell and taste to analyze chemical differences in the surroundings.
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    How do you get a blood blister?

    Blood blisters form when blood vessels and subdermal tissues are damaged without the skin being pierced.
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    Do snakes drink milk Wikipedia?

    No, snakes do not drink milk. Mammals usually drink milk.
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    Do snakes care for their young?

    No, snakes do not take care of their babies.
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    How do you test for chikungunya?

    Blood test is a reliable method of testing for chikungunya. RT-PCR and serological tests are also common in the laboratory.
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    What type of cancer is lymphoma?

    Lymphoma is the cancer of the lymph system.
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    how much should a 3 week old eat?

    a 3 week old should eat 1.5-3 ounces every 2-3 hours.
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    Why is it important to work out?

    to maintain a healthy body. Importance of working out cannot be over empahsized.
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    What vitamins are in an avocado?

    dietary fiber, vitamin K, pantothenic acid,potassium, vitamin E, copper, folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin C.