Cold Sore or Pimple

Cold Sore or Pimple:

Cold sores are some small and tiny fluid-filled blisters, which usually appears at the edge of your bottom lips and it is the communicable disease, can be spread one person to another. The clogging of the hair follicles causes pimples. Oil can clog it or by the dead skin cells and can appear at part of your body.  Fighting with cold sore or pimple becomes worst sometimes. The way of treatment is also different from each other.

Dissimilarities Between Cold Sore or Pimple

No matter what is your age and gender, cold sore or pimple may affect you anytime. So check out the significant differences and treats the both problem with the different method.

DissimilaritiesCold SorePimple
PositionCold sores normally appear at the rim of your bottom lip. Though it is the worst result of viral infection sometimes it also appears in the genitals.Pimples can occur at any age and also on every part of your body without on the lips.
ReasonsHerpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1).Pimples are the result of clogging hair follicles. It may block by the oil, sebum or the dead skin cells and the bacteria starts to grow up. The production the oil and sebum amplified by unhealthy diet, stress and hormonal problems
SignsBefore the development of the sores, you may feel some itching and tingle and a feeling of burning. With the time of developing it will pop up and form a scab.You do not feel any pain or burn before the appearing of a pimple. Pimples do not open up by its own.
Infectious?The reason of a cold sore is a virus, so it is infectious and it spreads easily from one person to another.Pimples happen by the blocking of the pores of your skin. So it is not an infectious problem.
Who have affected by this?Though a virus causes it, cold sores can affect anyone. Cold sores eventually affect especially small children.Especially, the teenagers, who have active hormones, can get pimples.
FacadeTake place on the lips and also in the expanse of the mouth. But less at the nostril area.Pimples can appear at any places of your body where the hair have, without on the lips.
Painful or not painfulIt is very much painful and itchy before the appearance and so tough to handle at the time of crushing.It is less painful and you do not feel any itchiness before the appearance.
Scabbing  deedsA yellow color scab form on the outer side of the pores and when it breaks down liquid seep pus.Without squeezing or crushing pimples never break down. It only occurs if the infection increases.

Cold Sore and its treatment

1. Home medication for Cold Sore

  • Cold sores need no proper treatment; it may easily go down after few days. But if you suffer so much from the problem, you may depend on some home remedies.
  • For treating the cold sores, you may use some OTC Products. Medicines like Abreva is very much helpful to red rid of the itchiness and also curtail the shell of the pores. It is not may be very fruitful for complete cure of the pores but may supply you some soothe feelings.
  • Another helpful and simple way to get rid of the pain of cold sores is cold compress. It also does not have the power to treats the sore completely but it is very much helpful to provide you a comfort from the itchiness of cold sores.

Watch this video for some more Natural home remedies for cold sores

2. Medicines to treat the Cold Sore

There are many effective medicines are available in the market to treat and hasten the healing method of cold sores. A cold sore is a result of viral infection, so you need to take some antiviral medicines like Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Famciclovir, and Penciclovir etc. These are some prominent medicine, your dermatologist or medical specialist may prescribe you to treat with cold sores, they can also prescribe some injective medicines to cure the problem.

Dealing with the Pimples

Pimples are easy to handle and it is a treatable problem.

1. Antidote for Pimple at your home

  • If you have an oily skin and suffering from pimples, avoid your tough scrub and use a mild cleanser for your skin. Mild cleanser may cleanse oils from your skin and also cleanses the sebum.
  • An OTC Acne lotion is very helpful to treat pimples. It is very much helpful to kill all the bacteria and sebum from your skin. But this type of lotion is not always good for skin; it increases the flakiness and irritations in the skin.
  • To get rid of skin irritations you need to avoid every kind of oily cosmetics and sunscreen products. These may causes oils in your skin and increases the chances of pimples.

2. Medication to treats Pimple

  • To treat the pimples, the best option is a dermatologist. If the OTC acne lotion does not work properly, go for a medical help. Medicines, with a high source of vitamin A, are very effective for pimples. Medicines like Retin-A, Differin, and Average are some popular drugs to restrict the oil clogging. To kill the bacteria of pimples you may use some antibacterial creams like dapsone gel.
  • If you are suffering from severe acne or pimples, your doctor may prescribe you some antibiotics, you need to take medicines for a long duration for a complete healing from pimples.
  • You can also apply Isotretinoin, to get rid of pimples.For the hard removing pimples, you need the medicine but also you need to keep in mind that this medicine has some side effects. So always take the medicine after consult your doctor.
  • Oral Contraceptives are also very effective to treat pimples. But it has some side effects too. So you always need an advice from your doctor before get into it.

When you need a specialist?

If you are suffering from severe pimples or cold sore and do not find the correct reason of that, can consult a doctor. Wrong and unknowing treatment can cause scars and pain. So it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist for a cold sore or pimple.