Cancer Causing Foods

There is no doubt that even after so much advancement in technology and medicine, one of the deadly diseases that still exist is Cancer. Sad and disappointing to know that cancer is still one of the medical conditions for which there is no treatment and no medication as such apart from chemotherapy. Today, even after a more than a decade of fight against cancer, the rate of survival is something that doesn’t even come to half of the number of people who suffer from cancer every year.

Nowadays, the increasing environmental causes like pollution, eating habits and even smoking and alcohol consumption has led to an ever-increasing rate in cancer occurrence. Among these, eating habits is something that we are going to cover in this article. You will be shocked to know how unaware we are of certain foods that we eat everyday thinking it to be healthy but which are actually cancer causing foods. Yes, you heard it right! There are a lot of foods in our daily diet which in the long term results in Cancer. To understand it further, the best is to check the top notch foods that cause this condition and to be aware of removing them from the diet for good.

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Top 18 Cancer Causing Foods to Remove from the Diet Today

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These are all the well-covered cancer causing foods that you should be aware of without any doubt. The foods mentioned here, are all damaging for the body in some or the other way and mostly in making it more prone to cancerous results. However, even after that, it is not required to remove these foods completely from the diet. If taken in limited amounts, these are not much of a harm to the body. Over indulgence in healthy foods can also lead to problems in the body as it is for these unhealthy foods.

Important: Please note, that these foods are not poisonous or leads to killing or you won’t get cancer immediately after consuming anything from the above. It is only in long term and excessive intake that will lead to the problem. Also, they increase the risk of developing cancer but is not the whole and sole reason for cancer, in case it occurs. Heavy pollution and smoking are some of the common reasons that trigger cancer and these foods only help them further.

One of the best ways is to stay healthy, avoid smoking as well as drinking and also exercise well. Eating healthy and organic foods are highly recommendable and try to opt for cancer preventing foods. This is bound to help you in keeping this deadly disease at bay.

Being active is another of the lifestyle choices that needs to be made. Have drinks like green tea that helps in destroying the free radicals in the body caused due to pollution and bad foods. Free radicals are highly responsible for growth of cancer cells in the body. Rest, have a happy living!