Cancer Causing Foods

Cancer Causing Foods

There is no doubt that even after so much advancement in technology and medicine, one of the deadly diseases that still exist is Cancer. Sad and disappointing to know that cancer is still one of the medical conditions for which there is no treatment and no medication as such apart from chemotherapy. Today, even after a more than a decade of fight against cancer, the rate of survival is something that doesn’t even come to half of the number of people who suffer from cancer every year.

Nowadays, the increasing environmental causes like pollution, eating habits and even smoking and alcohol consumption has led to an ever-increasing rate in cancer occurrence. Among these, eating habits is something that we are going to cover in this article. You will be shocked to know how unaware we are of certain foods that we eat everyday thinking it to be healthy but which are actually cancer causing foods. Yes, you heard it right! There are a lot of foods in our daily diet which in the long term results in Cancer. To understand it further, the best is to check the top notch foods that cause this condition and to be aware of removing them from the diet for good.

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Top 18 Cancer Causing Foods to Remove from the Diet Today

 Foods NameDescription
1Refined Sugars cancer-causing-foods-refined-sugarsAmong the cancer causing foods, one that you should keep away from are refined sugars. The reasons being refined sugars are GMO and spikes the insulin levels instantly. This leads to feeding of the cancer cells in the body. Also, fructose in the sugars are cancer causing as well. The best scenario is to limit the sugar in the diet as much as possible.
2Sodas SodasNot only are they high in refined sugars but also in fructose that is a cancer causing culprit. Soda is also known to acidify the body leading to multiplication of the cancer cells. Make sure you skip sodas altogether from your lifestyle for preventing cancer.
3Hydrogenated Oils
Hydrogenated Oils
Vegetable oil is a classic example of a hydrogenated oil and one that has trans-fat leading to cancer. This is the worst type of fat, as per Mayo clinic. Along with cancer, it also leads to heart diseases and problems with immune system. In fact, there is nothing that is called safe when it comes to amount of hydrogenated oils in the diet. Olive, coconut and sesame oil are good options to substitute this. Also, opt for organic butter instead of regular butter.
4Canned Tomatoes Canned TomatoesOn one hand, where fresh tomatoes are supposed to be among cancer fighting foods, the canned ones are just opposite with cancer causing properties. The lining of the canned foods are normally done with a chemical called bisphenol-A or BPA which actually makes the food cancerous. The high acidity of the tomatoes when combines with BPA leads to this result. It is so high, that one should totally avoid it for children. Avoid cans as much as possible and try to buy glass bottles or fresh foods instead.
5Farmed Salmon Farmed SalmonWell again, when we hear salmon, we hear healthy and protein rich food, but when it comes to farmed salmon, it is one of the unhealthy foods to include in the diet. The sad news is that about 60 percent consumption of salmon in the US is farm raised. These salmon are known to be highly contaminated with pesticides, chemicals and antibiotics. Also, chemicals are fed to these farmed salmon to make the meat reddish pink for more attraction. There is mercury as well as cancer causing dioxins in farmed salmon that adds to the danger. So avoid farmed salmon!
6Refined White Flours Refined White FloursA very common ingredient in all the processed foods is refined white flour. The high levels of carbohydrates in the refines flours is what concerned the researchers. It is one of the most common foods for breast cancer in women. It also leads to rise in blood sugar levels that in turn encourages cancer cell growth in the body.
7Processed Meats Processed MeatsFrom sausages to bacon and hotdogs all of these come under the category of processed meats. The chemicals and high levels of sodium used in the meat while processing them is the actual cause of it being a cancer causing food. The numerous preservatives especially sodium nitrate is another reason that processed meat consumption is equivalent to smoking cigarettes.
8Red Meat read meatResearchers lately have found out, that eating red meat will increase the chances of occurrence of cancer. However, small amounts of red meat is acceptable and on an inconsistent basis. There are sugar molecules in red meat that becomes a part of your own cells when red meat is consumed. The body attacks it being a foreign particle which leads to inflammation and in turn makes you at a higher risk of cancer.
9Microwave Popcorn Microwave PopcornYes, you heard it right! Microwave popcorn might be addictive and easy to make, but the news is that it is one of the cancer causing foods. The popcorn bags are lined with a chemical called perflurooctanoic acid (PFOA). Also the popcorn has a GMO product in the form of soybean oil and preservatives like propyl gallate which both leads to the same results.
10French Fries or Potato ChipsFrench Fries and Potato ChipsFried in hydrogenated oils, it gives the very first reason why it would be among cancer causing foods. Apart from this, they have really high levels of sodium causing more issues like high-blood pressure. French fries and potato chips have a chemical in them known as acrylamide which is equally present in cigarettes and building materials. This is what increases the risk of cancer to a good extent.
11Diet FoodsDiet FoodsFat free, diet foods, sugar free, low-fat on packed foods are all a second name for cancer causing foods. They are normally replaced with a lot of chemicals to make them what they are. On top of that artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors only add on to the dilemma by making it more dangerous. Have it in moderation or avoid it completely, the choice is yours.
12Highly Salted/Pickled/Smoked Foods pickled Smoked and salted FoodsThis is not referring to any specific category of food but the various styles and types of food making. Any foods that are really high in salt or are pickled or smoked are definitely falling under cancer causing foods. Nitrates are added to them as preservatives and these chemicals change nature once they enter the body. It becomes N-nitroso which makes you at a greater risk of cancer. This is true for both salted and pickled foods.

Smoking leads to tar accumulation on the food known as carcinogen. This enters the body and makes the body more prone to deadly diseases including cancer. Stomach cancer being one of the most common ones.
13GMO’s (genetically-modified organisms) GMO’s (genetically-modified organisms)If you are looking forward to a diet which is cancer free, then be aware that GMO’s should have no place in it. It has been proved by researchers that GMO along with other chemicals lead to a rapid growth of tumor in the body. However, the sad part is that most of the foods nowadays have GMO’s in it. One way is to opt for certified organic foods or non-GMO verified foods. Locally grown foods without the use of biotechnology is also a good idea.
14Artificial SweetenersArtificial SweetenersPeople opt for artificial sweetener either on conditions like diabetes or else when they want to lose weight. However, a long term consumption of artificial sweetener actually proves towards weight gain. It also inhibit the body’s way to know the daily consumption of sugars and make you crave further. The chemicals especially aspartame breaks down in the body as a toxin by product known as DKP. This when processed in the stomach causes further chemical production that leads to cancer. This is common for brain tumors.
15AlcoholAlcoholAmong the causes of cancer, alcohol consumption on a regular basis is the second most common one. Some of the most common types of cancer with excessive drinking are stomach, colon, liver, breast and rectum cancers.
16Non-Organic FruitsNon-Organic FruitsNon-organic fruits are highly contaminated with pesticides as well as nitrogen rich fertilizers. One of the most common pesticides is atrazine. This causes a lot of problems in humans. These pesticides are toxic in nature and considered as one of the highly acknowledged cancer causing foods.
17Dairy Products Dairy ProductsAccording to Cancer Research in UK, the most common causes of ovarian and prostate cancer is dairy products and milk. A connection has also been seen between breast cancer and dairy products. However, the research is still on going to understand what are the by-products or chemicals that are responsible for it.
18Fermented Foods Fermented FoodsFermented milk or any fermented food for that matter leads to development of pathogenic microorganisms. It might add aroma and flavour to the food on one hand but on the other hand, there are some components in fermented foods that increases the risk of cancer. However, eating fermented foods in controlled amount is not a bad deal.

These are all the well-covered cancer causing foods that you should be aware of without any doubt. The foods mentioned here, are all damaging for the body in some or the other way and mostly in making it more prone to cancerous results. However, even after that, it is not required to remove these foods completely from the diet. If taken in limited amounts, these are not much of a harm to the body. Over indulgence in healthy foods can also lead to problems in the body as it is for these unhealthy foods.

Important: Please note, that these foods are not poisonous or leads to killing or you won’t get cancer immediately after consuming anything from the above. It is only in long term and excessive intake that will lead to the problem. Also, they increase the risk of developing cancer but is not the whole and sole reason for cancer, in case it occurs. Heavy pollution and smoking are some of the common reasons that trigger cancer and these foods only help them further.

One of the best ways is to stay healthy, avoid smoking as well as drinking and also exercise well. Eating healthy and organic foods are highly recommendable and try to opt for cancer preventing foods. This is bound to help you in keeping this deadly disease at bay.

Being active is another of the lifestyle choices that needs to be made. Have drinks like green tea that helps in destroying the free radicals in the body caused due to pollution and bad foods. Free radicals are highly responsible for growth of cancer cells in the body. Rest, have a happy living!