Can You Eat Pomegranate Seeds?

Can You Eat Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate is the type of fruit that has juicy red seeds that can be eaten or juiced according to the choice of the person wanting to enjoy the fruit. The fruit is native to south East Asia and is grown in places like Armenia, Malaysia and even Turkey. This fruit however is very famous globally because of its medicinal and nutritional properties that benefit the person. The flesh of the pomegranate that contains all the red seeds is the part that is normally eaten or made into juice whereas the membrane separating the seeds is not due to high levels of tannic acid. Though this is the case the membrane is used in a number of medical properties. The question arises quite adeptly though as to can you eat pomegranate seeds safely.

Can You Eat Pomegranate Seeds?

To better answer the question, yes pomegranate seeds can be eaten on a daily basis in a variety of ways from adding it as a topping to your favourite desert or using it to create one of the best juices the world has ever tasted. Pomegranate seeds are normally present in the pomegranate fruit in the means of layers separate by thin membranes which are normally bitter and so it is not eaten. It is always better to remove the membrane first as it contains high amounts of tannic acid.

Pomegranate seeds have a number of nutrients and minerals which include vitamins A, C D and E and potassium that help as antioxidants in the fight against free radicals. Free radicals are viruses that cause damage to the cells of the body which in turn cause many other diseases to jump up over time. Pomegranate seeds have a very strong connection with this issue. Antioxidants help to repair the damaged cells in the body which are caused primarily by free radicals. Pomegranate seeds are also a rich source of fibre which shows that the question can you eat pomegranate seeds has a very ideal answer.

Pomegranate seeds are supposedly high in nutrients and therefore are well known to help maintain the strength of the body and the heart and also contribute to healthier blood flows. Eating pomegranate seeds on a regular basis will remove any mandatory effects that would cause a stroke as well making it gods on fruit in this regard for all the health applications that it has.. Pomegranate seeds have a lot of benefits which include helping the heart and also treating cancer. Pomegranate seeds also help to remove fat from the system especially from the digestive system.

As you can see from all the information given above it is very safe to eat pomegranate seeds.

How to Eat a Pomegranate

Only knowing the answer to can you eat pomegranate seeds does not help you to learn how to eat it. let us now learn how to eat pomegranate seeds.

Eating a Pomegranate by Removing Its Seeds Out

Steps to help you eat a pomegranate safely are given below:

  1. The best way to go about buying an adequate pomegranate is to look for a pomegranate with tough thin and flawless skin. It is also important to choose a pomegranate that is heavier as it will have much more juice as compared to lighter ones.
  1. It is always better to cut the top or crown of the pomegranate with a knife that is capable enough.
  2. Now cut the pomegranate into four quarter halves with the knife that you have ready.
  3. It is always better to soak the pomegranates in clean water for sometime so that the seeds become loose and it is easier to remove.
  1. While the pomegranate is immersed in water put pressure on the top and pull the four quarter halves into four parts.
  1. Running your fingers through the fruit will successfully remove the seeds from the membranes answering your question as to can you eat pomegranate seeds.
  1. The seeds must now be removed from the water.

Eating a Pomegranate in Other Ways

There are a number of ways by which you can enjoy pomegranate

  1. You can eat the seeds of a pomegranate directly with a spoon.
  2. You may also enjoy sprinkling the seeds over other mediums of food for a heightened result, for example ice creams or salads.
  3. Many people enjoy adding pomegranate seeds to various soups as well.
  4. The question can you eat pomegranate seeds is well answered when people add the seeds to salads on a daily basis.
  5. Adding seeds to a smoothie on a daily basis can prove very healthy in the long term.
  6. The seeds can also be used very well to add a lot of spice to your deserts.

How to Juice a Pomegranate

Pomegranate juice is very healthy and is full of vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for the growth of the body. To enjoy fresh pomegranate juice three methods of juicing pomegranate are given below:

  1. Juicer Method:just like a grapefruit a pomegranate can even be cut into to two halves so as to juice its contents. Cut a pomegranate in half and then use either a hand juicer or an electric juicer to do your job. Can you eat pomegranate seeds is a very valid question which this process puts to rest quite well. Try using a strainer lined with cheesecloth when the juicing is done before enjoying the final product.
  2. Blender Method:this is a very easy method as well that allows you to enjoy fresh juice using a blender. Take out the seeds of a pomegranate and put approximately 1 or 2 cups inside a blender and blend its contents until the contents become thick juice. Take a strainer lined with cheesecloth and stain the contents for the best results.
  3. Rolling Method:this is the easiest method by far that includes putting the pomegranate on a hard surface and then rolling with gentle pressure with the palm of your hand to crush the seeds that are present inside. To enjoy fresh pomegranate juice you can crush the seeds while the pomegranate is still intact. When the crackling sound of the crushed seeds stops then you can enjoy the juice. Do this by piercing the rind and emptying the contents. You can also insert a straw into the hole and enjoy the contents of the pomegranate quite efficiently putting to rest questions which revolve around can you eat pomegranate seeds.

How to Store Pomegranates

  1. Whole Pomegranates:whole pomegranates when kept in room temperature and away from sunlight, can last for a couple of days before it starts t go bad and if frozen and stored carefully in plastic bags or airtight containers pomegranates can be edible for several months.
  2. Pomegranate Seeds:seeds can be stored for a period of three days if refrigerated and if frozen and kept in airtight containers, pomegranate seeds can be stored for periods of six months.
  3. Pomegranate Juice: pomegranate juice can be stored in a refrigerator for a period of three days and if frozen pomegranate juice can be stored for over six months without the worry of getting bad.