Blue Balls

Blue Balls

The term blue balls were believed to have originated in the US at around 1916. Here, in this condition a prolonged sexual arousal or unsatisfied sexual tension may lead to the blue balls condition.

Blue Balls Causes and Definition

The condition for blue balls usually is quite discomforting. If the testicles or the prostate glands experience blood or fluid congestion, the condition blue balls may arrive. Not all male experiences problem as such as the medical term for it has been given as epididymal hypertension.

During the span of sexual arousal in a man, the blood flows to the groins which in turn cause the blood vessels to dilate. This is how the erection in a male organ appears during times of sexual arousal. The veins that usually carry or pass the blood at around this time becomes constricted thereby allowing the erected position to remain persistent. The condition that persists is called vasocongestion and usually would occur in the testicle regions as well. This is why the size of the testicles during a sexual arousal period can increase by about 20-25% more. If the lack of a climax is felt, the congestion may remain to persist. A slight ache or pain in the testicles may persist too. For some the sensation might even result in heaviness. This is how the condition got its name ‘blue balls’.

Scientists also revealed that this is not limited to men alone as women too feel a similar phenomenon where due to vasocongestion an ache in the pelvic region or lower abdomen may arrive too.

Some more information regarding blue balls

Blue balls usually is simply an uncomfortable situation, a sensation of discomfort merely and this should never be resulted in forcing the other half into engaging in sexual intercourse, just to get rid of the condition. Even if the ejaculation process doesn’t occur, there will be no substantial damage done. Even though the vasocongestion theory is most renowned, other medical theories revolving around it can blame the epididymis for this condition. Epididymis usually carries the sperm and the theory so goes believes the backing up of the sperm instead of going forward can cause the condition of blue balls. Owing to vasocongestion, the term blue balls causes a slight coloration of the scrotum, a bit bluish in hue. However, the testicles don’t turn blue themselves.

Blue Balls Relief and Treatment

One thing that you should know about blue balls is that, this condition in no way is life threatening or dangerous in nature and would never cause death. Even without the possibility of ejaculation, the discomfort or the pain usually resolves itself within an hour. Enlisted here are some of the blue ball relief remedies.

  • Sexual release: If you resort to ejaculation, the vasocongestion will decrease which would result in blood flowing out of the groin region. This is one of the most effective procedures to get rid of blue balls condition. To get instant relief masturbation can be opted as a ploy.
  • Lay down: If you lie down the blood flow from the groin region can flow upwards and release some pressure from it which is why this can be taken as an effective medium to deploy the situation.
  • Massage: To release the pooling of blood in the testicular region, a soft massage can help you relieve the symptom. Massage the scrotum to alleviate the discomfort. This can also be used as a way to lengthen the sexual encounter whilst trying to relief blue balls.
  • Hot bath: A warm bath would immediately alleviate the discomfort and tension thereby relaxing you.
  • Cold compress: Use cold compress to reduce and relax the discomfort or pain sensation. The cold constricts the blood vessel. This would immediately decrease the excess blood flow to the region.
  • Lifting heavy objects: Every time you lift a heavy object, the abdominal or the pelvic region experiences a heavy pressure. The pressure in those areas may decrease the blood flow from the testicle region and release some of the pressure.