Blood Blister on Finger or Toe

Blood Blister on Finger

Blood blister on finger or toe are very commonly seen amongst people of all sections of society. You most commonly see blood blisters that consist of blood, lymph and other bodily fluids in construction workers, athletes, and musicians and so on and are caused by frostbite, trauma and other issues that could be hurtful to the body. Though this is a recurring issue it can be dealt with very easily with the help of a few home remedies.

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Causes of Blood Blister on finger or toe

Blood blisters on fingers and toes are something of a common issue and have befallen a person at least once in their lives. There are many reasons for the cause of blood blisters which may include banging your fingers or toes on a door, hitting your fingers or toes hard on a hard surface, wearing tight shoes or tight gloves for long periods of time and so on. The main reason for the cause of blood blisters is the accumulation of blood in one area caused due to compression of that one area. It is easy to treat this issue though but requires immediate attention unless you want it to fester with an infection in time.

Treatments for Blood Blisters

  1. Cover the Blisters

Covering your blister could save you a whole world of pain and infection. Covering your blister could help separate your skin from the swirling bacteria on the outsides. For blisters that are not that painful apply a gauze to the affected area and for the areas of blisters that are very painful it is very necessary to use a thicker gauze.

  1. Ban Popping Them

It is better that you do not pop your blood blister on finger and toe at all unless extremely necessary caused due to extreme pain. Popping them will only cause you more anguish and will lead to other issues such as infection and build up of more blisters in your body which is why it is very necessary that you take care of blood blisters on your fingers and toes with great care and precision. Taking a doctor’s help in a decision of popping a blister is the best way to go about this situation.

  1. Drain a Blister Correctly

Not many know but you can drain your blister without affecting your skin at all, with the process provided below:

  1. Hygiene is very important so wash your hands with warm water and keep it clean.
  2. It is better to swab the area first with rubbing alcohol or even iodine.
  3. Get your hands on a small sharp needle and cauterize it will alcohol or any other disinfectant.
  4. It is always better to aim for spots around the edge of your blister and puncture them with a needle that has been sterilized allowing the blood and the pus to ooze out so that you can treat a blister easily.
  5. One everything has been drained out apply an antibiotic cream to the affected area and then cover with gauze so that no infection occurs.
  6. Use rubbing alcohol on tweezers or scissors and then use the tweezers or scissors to cut off the dead skin that is left over.

Prevention for Blood Blister on finger and toe

Blood blisters are very painful and stay around for long periods of time and can even be very hard to get rid of. But not to worry there are a few ways by which you can help to prevent blood blisters which may include all the precautions that you must take to help prevent any issue from occurring. .if you see that blood blisters on your fingers or toes are long remaining and painful then take your doctor’s help immediately.

  1. Keep Hands and Feet Dry

Firstly you must keep your fingers and toes dry at all times because moisture when entering the skin for long periods of time may cause your skin to separate which in turn causes blisters in the long run. For the best results it is always better to wear gloves that wick up moisture when you are going out or working on something so that no moisture builds up and you do not have to worry about blood blisters on your fingers and toes. Wear shoes that wick up moisture as well and wear cotton socks for the best result.

  1. Avoid Abrasion

Preventing blood blisters can be a tedious issue but you can help prevent this issue by staying away from hurting yourself unexpectedly. Abrasions can be caused at any point in time by falling down or bumping yourself unexpectedly. The best thing to do in these situations is to wear gloves when going out during cold weather, wearing comfortable shoes and staying safe at all times so that you do not have to worry about hurting yourself and getting any abrasions which is the root cause of blood blister on fingers or toes.

  1. Apply Moleskin to Affected Areas

Moleskin is a tough two layer adhesive tape with tape on one side and cloth on the other that can be applied to areas that are affected in order to reduce such affects. It can be used really well when you are using a tool and your hands are rubbing against a rough area of the tool causing blood blisters. This goes well with your feet as well because your feet and your hands are the most sensitive areas of your body.

  1. Protect from Infections and Frostbite

It is always better to protect your fingers from infection and cold to help prevent blood blisters and frostbite from forming. Fungal infections are most commonly seen on feet and that is why it is necessary to keep your feet clean when you have socks on. Do not go barefoot in any public area such as gyms, public pools and so on as it might accelerate any fungal infections that can cause blood blisters on your toes. It is well known that your body pulls heat from your hands and feet first so always wear gloves or socks when going out.

These will help you keep blood blister on finger and toe at bay.