Best Dark Spot Removers

best dark spot removers

As you age you may come down with a condition that is often common for ageing skin. Hyper-pigmentation is basically defined as the discoloration of the skin complexion or tone caused by a natural process once the skin starts ageing. This is however not a condition that should raise alarm. If you don’t like the look of black or dark spots on your skin there are a few steps and tips to help you from preventing their further occurrence. Skin correction treatments and brightening and whitening techniques can be applied as dark spot removers to help you sustain your skin pigmentation and eradicate the dark spots that have already started showing up.

Best Dark Spot Removers on the Market

  1. Specific Beauty Night Treatment Complex :- This particular product contains retinol that evens out discoloration and patches from your skin tone. The cream is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E which restores and protects skin from further damages. The licorice essence in the cream will help you brighten your skin and make it glowing. Since this is a lightweight product you can use this as a base for your makeup too without having the cosmetic weight down on your skin.
  1. Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum :- This particular cosmetic topical serum works on target action basis. It shifts and focuses its targets on the parts of the skin that are sun burnt or damaged due to sun exposure. Working hard on the stubborn areas this product will bring out the glow in those certain spots using the brightening serum which is intense in nature. If this product causes skin drying pair this with a moisturizer or a lotion in the morning and the night. This would allow the serum infiltrate the tough layers of the skin easily.
  1. Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution :- This is one of the best dark spot remover which not only restores and heals the damaged spots but also eradicates any possibility of a further spotting on the skin. Regular usage is recommended since this is fragrance free with no added paraben or silicone. This makes this solution fit for sensitive skin users as well. No artificial coloring or diffusers are added which makes this product stand out amongst the rest of the crowd. Start by cleansing your skin properly and then mix this solution with moisturizer and apply it once in the morning and once in the night.
  1. Equate Dark Spot Corrector Skin Lightener :- Equate dark spot corrector combines hydroquinone with a large base of vitamins particularly, A, E and C which allows you to deal with skin discoloration in a proficient way, be it any type. Since this is applicable and suitable for any skin type this would combat the problem of dark spots and discoloration very efficiently. This topical solution is heavily based on the Proactive Solution formula for skin rectification and acne healing.
  1. Vernal N-E Dark Spot Corrector Cream :- This cream encases within itself a combination of PCA, vitamin C and zinc that stabilizes the skin complexion and protects against texture or skin discoloration. Ageing, sun exposure or acne spots now can easily be treated using this formula which contains Diactyl Boldine and Pro-Cysteine. These formulas enhance new cell growth that would usurp the dark spots helping you reduce their visibility at a rapid speed. Based on a clinical trial you can see your dark spots fading within the first 8 weeks itself.
  1. L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Correcting & Illuminating Serum Corrector :- Here we use the benefits of chestnut extracts to help you tackle discoloration from the skin surface. Approved and tested by dermatologists, this product can be among the best dark spot removers as it repairs and heals acne breakout marks, ageing marks and even sun tan and damage spots. This evens out the skin complexion and based on the consumer remarks, the spots seem fewer and fader within the first 8 weeks of usage.
  1. POND’S Clarant B3 Dark Spot Correcting Cream :- POND’s clarant B3 dark spot corrector is more appropriate for sensitive skin users as well as for users who posses normal to dry skin textures. This is a lightweight formula that adds hypoallergenic in the mixture to tackle dark spots whilst ensuring your pores are not clogged. Suitable for every day application the mineral oil, cleanser and PCA improves the look and texture of the skin while the vitamin C and B3 formula reduces reddening and discoloration.
  1. Best Age Spot Remover :- This is a unique product by itself since it not only works on the dark spots created by the external agents but also filters the liver spots that appear in your skin. It contains the unevenness and high pigmentation of the skin tone. Apply this formula in light layers at least twice in a day and save your skin from discoloration. It contains bleaching properties so it is best if you avoid direct sunlight right after or during this. The results will be eminent within the first month of usage.
  1. Philosophy Miracle Worker Dark Spot Correcting System :- Yet one of the best dark spot removers, the philosophy treatment contains retinoid that tackled skin discoloration by enhancing the skin evenness and thereby improving the overall look of it. The miracle worker has come up with a full line of products that you may use to address to various other skin rectification problems. The range of their products will allow you to chose from many so that you can settle down for the right combination. Don’t worry about cosmetic interactions or side effects while mixing the products together from this range of cosmetics.

Best dark Spot removers- Going au natural

Home RemediesUsage
Lemon Juice

Best dark Spot removers lemon juice
Lemon contains within itself bleaching properties that allows your skin to look brighter and lighter. Squeeze a fresh lemon and apply the juice using a cotton bud to the direct spots at least thrice in a week. Leave the juice on for a while but not more than 10 minutes as over usage may cause drying. Use moisturizers or hydrators alongside to lock in the moisture in your skin.
OnionsBest dark Spot remover onionHere we are talking about red onion which is one of nature’s best dark spot remover agents. Pulp or squeeze the onion and make a juice out of it. Now use a cotton bud to apply it directly on the discolored spots to aggravate the fading away process. Do this regularly and leave it on for not more than 10 minutes before rinsing it away.
Vitamin EVitamin-E Best dark Spot removerVitamin E repairs and heals cell damage while promoting cell growth which is why this can be yet another efficient dark spot remover. The antioxidant properties too add to the beauty. Consume a diet enriched in vitamin E or spot apply vitamin E oil to the dark spots.

Apricots, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, almonds, wheat germ oil and peanuts are usually high in Vitamin E.

Given below is a video of a homemade face pack out of honey, yogurt and lemon that can help you treat your condition efficiently.