Baby Born Without Brain

Baby Born Without Brain

Anencephaly is the medical term for the critical condition of a baby when he or she born without a brain. Generally, the defect occurs in the neural tube same as spina bifida but specifically the defect arises in this case on the end of the brain of the baby. In spinal cords butt end the defect does not arise. Most of the cases when baby born without brain, miscarriage happens and as a result, it is hard to see the defect in fully developed babies. As per the CDC report, about one baby in every five thousand gets the affected by the anencephaly. The disease is highly mortal yet a Florida-based boy named Jaxon Emmett Buell has completed one year and now can utter “mama”, “daddy” like simple words who has lost a maximum portion of the skull along with brain during birth.

The Symptoms of Baby Born Without Brain

This pathetic situation is known as highly congenital abnormality when a baby born without brain. Partially the baby’s skull does not grow in this serious situation along with the improper development of the brain. This is one of the lethal defects of a newborn baby.

All the symptoms though are not noticeable in a single newborn yet most of the common signs of anencephalic disease are below:

  1. The side bones, as well as the front bones of the head, are lacking.
  2. The bony cover is not developed well on the back of the new born’s head.
  3. Improper forward folded ears found.
  4. Cleft palate occurs most of the cases where the upper portion of the mouth along with the upper lip are isolated in the halfway.
  5. The newborn baby may have heart defect too.
  6. Uncomplicated reflexes can be seen but the proper development of cerebrum cannot be noticed which indicates the unconsciousness of the baby and a very short life span.

The physicians keep the baby warm and also protect the open portion of the brain from the exposure to the outer environment. To keep newborn alive he or she is fed by a special bottle which helps to get the nutrition properly and provides a life support.

Reasons of Baby Born Without Brain

Baby born without brain is a birth-related disease which occurs during early stages of pregnancy especially in the initial month when the woman doest even aware of the pregnancy. The development of neural tube is associated with early pregnancy which helps in formation of the skull, spinal cord, and upper spine’s bones along with the brain of the fetus.

If properly the upper part of the neural tube does not cover then it causes anencephaly. The reason for this pathetic phenomenon is unknown to each and everyone which is having a heartbreaking end result of the baby’s abnormal head. The forebrain does not flourish well as a result the new born is lacking proper coordination and thought. The rest of the brain does not have a proper covering of bones and skin.

 The Risk Influences of Baby Born Without Brain

Some influences become enough risky which pre-indicate that a baby may fail to develop brain properly and affected by the serious distressing anencephaly disease. The factors are below:

  • The Shortfall of Folic Acid. In the year 1995, it is proved that a baby born without brain due to the lack of proper folic acid intake of the mother. Although the researchers also said that complete the amount of folic acid is not the ultimate remedy of reducing the chances of anencephaly or any other diseases related to neural tube. A pregnant woman must consume 0.4milligrams folic acid every day which reduces the risk of neural tube defects.
  • Convinced Medication. Medication of a pregnant woman needs to be done under a well known, experienced gynecologist as some medicines are having the bad effects which lead anencephaly to the baby. Anencephaly may occur to the baby due to insulin-dependent diabetic medication, as well as anti-seizure medication.
  • Hereditary. In some special cases, baby inherits the disease from ancestors. Since it has proved that if a woman is having a baby born without brain then there is the chance of having the disease to her next baby is almost 3%. This is denied to 0.1% in case of the general population. It is suggested by the experts that a woman must go through a genetic counseling before conceiving again if she already has a neural defected baby.
  • Exposure to Toxicity. Nowadays, the exposure to heavy metallic substances like chromium, mercury, nickel and lead causes the immature formation of a neural tube of a baby.

Tips for Detecting the Conditions of Baby Born Without Brain

There are multiple ways to identify anencephaly. Below some ways are:

  • Blood tests. Blood tests help in detection of the disease by the eminent amounts of alpha-fetoprotein which get removed by the cells of the liver of the fetus. The protein is loaded with the fluid which surrounds the embryo. The high amount of alpha-fetoprotein also causes chromosomal disorders, misjudged due date and multiple fetuses apart from the baby born without brain
  • This process should take place during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. The help of a needle in this process draws out the amniotic fluid. The amount of acetylcholinesterase, as well as alpha-fetoprotein, is measured. If the amounts are high then it might cause anencephaly. An amniocentesis not only performs to for a baby born without brain disease but also is done to identify the chromosomal issues and genetic problems of an embryo.
  • Ultrasound examination. It is an absolutely advanced imaging technique with which the detection of the organs, blood vessels and tissues of the fetus by the help of computer programming and sound waves. The ultrasound evaluation also helps in watching the improper development of the skull of a new born.
  • Fetal MRI. This utilizes a powerful magnet along with a computer to visualize the status of the skull of a fetus. It is better to do fetal MRI instead of ultrasound for watching the development of the baby’s brain.
  • Post Birth Diagnosis. If it remains unnoticed prior, that the baby is born without brain then, treatment can take place after the birth of the baby too. Most of the portion of the neural tube will remain exposed as the brain cover does not develop properly.

The Restrictions of Baby Born Without Brain Disease

Baby born without brain is a disease which can also prevented partially by eating proper nutritional foods. Taking a prenatal vitamin before conceiving can prevent this disease. Even before getting child-bearing stage you also must consume enough folic acid supplements. The supplements folic acid is essential as because our daily foods do not have enough amount of the nutrient.

Doctors suggest taking more folic acids during entire pregnancy to the women who delivered babies with neural tube abnormalities rather than the women who delivered normal babies. You must ask the right amount of folic acid you have to consume daily. Generally, the women who gave birth neural tube defected babies must consume 4 mg of folic acid per day for the first two months before getting pregnant again.