Armpit Pain

Armpit Pain

Pain in the armpit is generally due to some kind of infection or medical condition. Infection leads to soreness of the skin accompanied by change in texture and skin color. This pain will not only hurt the arm but also the shoulders and may even extend till fingers in extreme cases. Consulting a doctor is always better to know the main reason for armpit pain development.

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Symptoms and complications of Armpit Pain

Almost every person is susceptible to armpit pain. It might occur due to infection, injury and inflammation. The symptoms of pain will indicate the type of injury occurred. Armpit paid leads to below listed points:

  • Weakening of muscles
  • Reducing movements of the joints
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Pain or soreness in the arm hand, shoulder and finger and makes the area sensitive.

Other conditions which one might experience are tingling or numb feeling and formation of lumps in the arms.

When to see a doctor

Certain affects of armpit pain even becomes life threatening. Such conditions include as below:

  • Pain in the chest and palpitations
  • Bones protruding out of the skin
  • Body parts being paralyzed
  • Choking
  • Wheezing and irregularly bored breathing.
  • Sudden underarm stabbing pain and hemorrhage or heavy bleeding might also be the reason to consult a doctor.

Causes of Armpit Pain

There is not just one reason for armpit pain. Different factors contributing to the armpit pain include cosmetic products, muscle pulls, infections and beauty enhancement procedure. These are listed below–

  • Using cosmetic products

Deodorants, antiperspirants and soaps contain harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. Using strong antiperspirants can source burning sensation. These beauty products cause allergic reactions like inflammation, redness, itching and pain.

  • Hair removal

Improper hair removal procedures can lead to inflammation of hair follicles. Try using good quality razor to shave; using dull blades can cause development of bumps. Make sure that your razor is clean before using it. Dirty razor pose the risk of infection. Avoid using very hot wax or waxing in wrong direction because this can damage the skin under the arms.

  • Muscle strain

Muscle stretch occurs due to injuries caused due to sports leading to axillary myalgic pain. This is popular among tennis players, baseball players and javelin players. These sports require forceful arm movements which can cause to muscle pull leading to muscle tenderness and pain. Armpit pain is known as Subscapularis.

  • Infections

Pain in the under arm also occurs due to infection caused by fungus or bacteria. Development of mumps, chicken pox, shingles and viral measles can create excruciating pain in this area. Even people suffering from typhoid and AID’s suffer from pain in the under arms. Pythogenes Streptococcus and staphylococcus aureus are the main causes of bacteria. Medical conditions like Hodgkin’s, moncleosis, leukemia and non – Hodgkin’s lymphoma also cause pain in the armpit.

  • Lymphadenitis

Lymphadenitis is the situation in which lymph nodes inflame. This causes pain, swelling and fever. The lymph nodes enlarge and become painful in some time. These are also connected with breast cancer as the breast tissues of the arm pit might become painful and inflamed when the person is suffering from cancer.

  • Sporotrichosis

This infection is common among the gardeners as they are always exposed to fungal habitation. Rose bushes, soil and moss contain fungus sporothrix and schenckii. Such fungus leads to growth of rashes under the armpits and thus causes painful lumps to develop.

  • Degeneration of connective tissues

Often people suffer from degeneration of connective tissues under the arm pit. This degeneration makes armpit movement difficult. Though no lumps are formed out of degeneration yet it makes the sufferer feel sore while moving or stretching his or her hands.

  • Hyperthyroidism

Excessive consumption of iodine can lead to swelling of thyroid gland and armpit glands which are too painful. Make sure you keep the daily dose of iodine at the acceptable levels to prevent its occurrence.

  • Lymphoma

Lymphoma is a kind of cancer which affects the nervous system under the arm pit. It causes pain in the armpit extending to the fingers which are a sign of abnormal white blood cells. Pain in either the left armpit or right armpit with a characteristic of elevating surface is known as non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

  • Breast cancer

One of the most popular ways of detecting breast cancer is the development of lumps in the armpit area. Armpit lumps and pain should never be ignored because it might be beginning of cancerous lumps all around the breasts.

  • Other causes

Few other notable causes of armpit pain are burning sensation in the heart, strain in the muscles, chemical burns, neuropathy and peripheral artery disease. The type of treatment depends upon the reason for the cause of pain in the armpit. Always try to establish the reason first before treating the pain. Consult a doctor if you feel something wrong or if you are unable to guess the reason for the same. Ignorance might make the condition worse.

Remedies for armpit pain

  1. Painkillers and non steroid anti inflammatory drugs are very effective to get rid of armpit pain. These are easily available in the market. Do consult a doctor or an expert before taking them.
  2. Drugs combating infections caused due to viruses, fungus and bacteria can also be used to get rid of armpit pain.
  3. Pain in the armpit is also caused due to muscle strain. Try relaxing your muscles to get relief from the pain. Muscle relaxers can also be used to relieve the pain.
  4. Cold compression is a method in which three to four ice cubes in a soft cloth or cotton wool are placed on the affected to heal the pain. To speed up the process cold compression is the best method. Follow the cold compression method for about three to four times a day.
  5. Similar to cold compression even hot compression can be used to relieve the pain. Hot compression uses warm cotton piece and not hot cotton piece to heal the pain. Put the cotton piece under the arm for about 8 to 10 minutes to get instant relief.

There are numerous reasons armpit pain which includes using of cosmetic products containing harsh chemicals, hair removal, infections under the arms, straining of muscles, inflammation of lymph, over exposure to fungi habitation, degeneration of connective tissues, over intake of iodine, formation of cancerous lumps around the breast, lymphoma, heartburn, chemical burns, neuropathy and many more. Lumps or rashes in the arm pit are very painful and can cause irritation. Pain relieving drugs, antibiotics, antivirus drugs and anti fungal drugs can be used to get rid of this pain. You can even try cold compression or hot compression according to your tolerance level. You should seek medical help in extreme circumstances. If the condition is recurring then do consult an expert to get a permanent solution.