Armpit Cyst

Armpit Cyst
Armpit Cyst

A Armpit Cyst is a very common condition which can inflict anyone. There is nothing to fear in case of cysts as these are simply fluid or air filled tissues that even disappear overtime when the air or fluid assimilates in the body. Cysts generally appear on the skin, and are caused by infections or clogged glands. Most of the times they do not even need medical attention.

A cyst in the armpit is just one of the many kinds of cysts that are known. Let us find out how armpit cysts are caused.

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Causes of Armpit Cyst

  • Armpit shaving – Shaving the armpits is one of the most common causes of cysts in the armpits. This cause is more common among adolescents who have just started shaving their armpits and using perfumes and deodorants. The foreign intrusion and irritation of the armpit skin is what causes the cysts to develop. You can avoid cysts formed due to shaving by following this shaving tutorial.

  • Infections – Infections of any kind, be it bacterial, viral or fungal, can cause armpit cyst. Bacteria can live and survive practically anywhere in the body, and armpits are no different. In fact, the warm temperature of the armpits is the perfect environment for bacterial breeding. The same goes for viral infections, such as chicken pox and shingles, and fungal infections. Cysts caused due to infections of any sort can generally be cured with medications.
  • Lipoma – Lipoma is a very common condition which can result in cysts in any part of the body, including the armpits. These are benign lumps present on the skin which are very soft and small and can move. They generally do not have any pain, but in case you start experiencing pains, get it checked by a doctor.
  • Vaccines – The vaccinations of diseases like mumps, measles, typhoid and small pox can lead to enlarged lymph nodes in the underarms area. The cysts caused due to these vaccines are absolutely painless and go away on their own in time.
  • Fibrocystic breast changes – Lumpy, tender breasts right before the start of periods can lead to the formation of cysts in the underarms. These generally last for 4 to 5 days or as long as the period lasts, and disappear on their own after periods.
  • Cancer – Some armpit cysts can be big and quite painful. These cysts can be a result of cancer cells in the body, and should be checked by the doctor as soon as possible.
  • Presence of sweat and oil glands – Armpits contain sweat and oil glands which keeps the place moist and warm at all times. These glands can often lead to the formation of cysts in the armpits. These kinds of cysts are mostly associated with the hair follicles, and can leave some scarring on the skin.

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Treatments for Armpit Cyst

Although cysts in the armpits go away on their own without extra medications, you can go to the doctor if the they persist and you experience pain and uncomfortable swelling.

Medical treatments for Armpit Cyst

If your cyst is larger than normal, you should visit the doctor. The doctor can drain out the fluid or air of the cyst with the help of a needle. This method is not at all painful, you will only feel a prick and then the pain will be gone. However, some very large and hard cysts might need to be removed surgically. They might even be signs of cancer, so do not ignore them if they persist or reappear even after surgical removal.

Cysts that appear on sensitive regions need to be treated and removed with laser surgery. Sometimes they are also injected with steroids to reduce the swelling and the pain so that the doctor can inspect them.

Home remedies Armpit Cyst

You should never burst or open a cyst in the armpit on your own as that can infect the area and may also leave scarring. Bursting or squeezing existing cysts may also lead to more cysts in the area. Instead of squeezing them, you can place a hot compress on your cysts. This can draw the liquid or air out of the cysts and cure them. You should also try to keep your armpits as clean and dry as possible as a dirty armpit is the perfect site for the growth of more cysts.

Once the cyst gets ruptured or cured, you should clean your underarms well with an antibacterial cream or ointment and cover it up with a clean and dry bandage or cloth. This will ensure that the area is both clean and dry, preventing further growth of cysts and boils.