How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant After Sex?

How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant After Sex

There are a number of factors that affect the speed of getting pregnant. regular intercourse has always given positive results in regards to a healthy sperm count. Healthy sperm normally has a rounded head and a long tail in order to navigate through the uterus with ease. During ejaculation up to a quarter of a billion sperm are released inside the vagina. Sperm can reach the egg in a matter of just thirty minutes but many die during this time and only a few make it past the ovarian wall. Once inside the wall sperm can live for many days. This is the best way to understand how long does it take to get pregnant after sex.

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How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant After Sex?

It is a known fact that females do not get pregnant immediately after sex because it takes up to six days for a sperm to reach an egg present in the fallopian tube and fertilize it. it then takes a period of at least six to ten days for the fertilized egg to place itself on the lining of the uterus wall so as to undergo development. The HCG hormone in humans can be used to tell pregnancy during this period of time and it is the HCG hormone which actually further facilitates the pregnancy in your body.

What is the Conception Process?

It is first very important to understand the process of conception before trying to do it. Firstly once a month the hypothalamus in the brain causes a reaction in the pituitary gland to release a hormone that causes a follicle formation of eggs in your fallopian. One egg in the bunch matures and becomes the dominant egg. Within a few days only the luteinizing hormone is released as well along with all the other hormones that are very important when trying to get pregnant and during the period of pregnancy. So when asked how long does it take to get pregnant after sex you know what to say.

The egg once released from the ovary causes a heightened estrogen production. The egg at this time must be fertilized by a sperm. An average ejaculate contains 30 percent of sperm that are abnormally formed and 25 percent of sperm that are just bad swimmers but the comforting factor is that an average male ejaculate contains at least a quarter of a billion in sperm count.

The normal trajectory of sperm is through the cervix, uterus and then the fallopian tube where one very lucky sperm gets to penetrate an egg causing a pregnancy.

What Affects the Success Rate of Conception?

The following factors given below are known to affect the rate of conception:

  • Genetic Makeup.¬†The human body is an every changing medium that takes decisions on its own at times for the body. There are times when the genetic makeup of the egg or the sperm causing biochemical issues which result in the body rejecting a pregnancy before the lady even knows that she is pregnant. the body has a habit of monitoring any non-viable changes and correcting it when necessary.
  • Healthy Bodies.¬†It is always better to stay healthy during your period of trials for conception because your health factors affect the ability to get pregnant to a great extent. Your dietary factors, exercise routines, drug or tobacco use all have hands to play when you want to learn how long does it take to get pregnant after sex.
  • Proper Timing. Proper timing is probably one of the best things you could do to actually facilitate a pregnancy but it has to be during the time of ovulation. A couple can indulge in sex a couple of times a day but it hardly matters if the woman is not ovulating which is why you should try to have sex during the period of ovulation.
  • Sperm Quality. The health and quality of sperm is also very important in the event of conceptualization. It is a noted fact that a person having sex on a regular basis has more motile and healthy sperm than any other human being. It is also a noted fact that staying in immobile water such as a bath tub or hot tub can reduce the motility of your sperm in the long run.
  • Body Weight. Body weight has a stronger affect on getting pregnant than most know. For a man with a body mass index (BMI) of over 25 which is obese it is very difficult to provide a steady flow of hormones that would facilitate in having a baby. On the other hand body weight in a lady affects the possibilities of having a baby as well. Ladies with a body mass index of below 19 is less likely to get pregnant even when covering all the bases and knowing how long does it take to get pregnant after sex. It is seen that in skinny ladies having a baby is much harder as menstrual cycles are not regular making ovulation a very unlikely effect.

Though it is very highly believed that a certain sexual position increase your chance of getting pregnant or determination of the sex of the baby can be done with this process aligned with the time of the day it is actually just a popular myth.