why migraine is caused

The reason behind migraine is not clearly understood. However, genetics and environmental factors play an important role in its incidence. Migraine can be caused by alterations in the brainstem and its interactions with a major pathway of the pain.

The imbalance of the chemicals present in the brain such as serotonin may also be responsible for the occurrence of migraine. Serotonin helps in regulation of pain in the central nervous system. The levels of serotonin decreases during the migraine attacks. Other neurotransmitters that play a very vital role in the pain of migraine, includes calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP).


Migraine is a sever and painful headache. Almost 12% (36 million)of total population of America is effected by this problem. The actual reason or causes of migraines is still not known and it is susceptible. It can be a outcome or abnormal activities in the brain. Migraine not only influences the way nerves communicate but also the chemicals and blood vessels in the brain.

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