What does it mean when you have a white spot on your teeth?

White spots on teeth appear for a variety of reasons. And the true cause for such spots can only be unveiled by a dentist. But, there are quite some possibilities for such spots.

First, if these spots are present on your teeth at the time of birth, then it may be cause of some disturbance in the formation of enamel at that particular time. This state is know as Enamel Hypoplasia and occurs due to too much ingestion of fluoride.

But, if this happens in a full grown adult, then it might be the sign of plaque formation. Plaque may leave a part of your teeth discolored and form a hard scale on the surface of the teeth.

Finally, the decay of tooth or cavities may look like a white spot but, the definite can be explored only with the help of a dentist. So, do visit a dentist.

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