Side effects of augmentin in child ?

Tarun Yadav

New Member
My son is going to be 6 years in next month and he suffered from infection in his ears 8-9 days backs so we gave her round of antibiotics which didnt work as due to the reason where in he actually had infection since long and doctor has told us 6 months or more but we neither knew about it nor he complained about itching, pain or anything as such until he got sick few days back.
We tries 1 round of amoxicillian which didn't work and hence he was given augmentin as a result of which he ended up in wetting the bed thrice yesterday night, he had never done this before.
Is it normal or side effect of medication ? if these are side effects how long do side effects of augmentin last ?
Does anyone here have had experience of Augmentin with their childrens ?
Does it make childrens pee more ?

I would call doctor once i have fair deal of information regarding this.


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