If I Think I Have a Urinary Tract Infection, What Should I Do?

For urinary side effects, for example, agony or irriatation, there is a medication you can purchase without a prescription. Phenazopyridine, (for example, Azo-Gesic, Azo-Standard, and Uristat) can reduce these side effects. Incase phenazopyridine doesn't treat the disease, so you'll require an anti-toxin.

In the event that your doctor recommends anti-toxins, take the pills precisely as you are told. Try not to quit taking them since you can rest easy. You have to complete the process of taking them all with the goal that you don't become ill once more.

Preventive measures:-

• Take time to drain your bladder however much as could be expected when you urinate.

• If you are a sexually active female, make it an indicate urinate soon after having intercourse.

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