How to get rid of pimple marks naturally for oily skin

Oily skin is one of the hassles that a person has to face. Not only there are frequent occurrences of pimples on the skin but also, it becomes a challenge to treat the marks and scars that pimples leaves behind. However, the good news is that there are some natural and home made treatments that can be used by people who have oily skin for effective treatment of pimple marks.
The below remedies is bound to help-
1. Honey application can ensure that the moisture is not lost, pimple marks are treated and that skin doesn't get oily any further.
2. Lemon juice has bleaching properties and thus lightens the pimple marks on the skin without making the skin oily.
3. Apply toothpaste on the affected area at night and wash in the morning for visible effects.
4. Take fresh garlic juice and dilute it with water. Apply it daily on the marks for the results.
5. Cucumber can be rubbed on the marks for treatment.

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