How much milk should a newborn drink?

On an average, a new born baby drinks 1.5-3 ounces of milk every 2-3 hours. The quantity increase as the baby grows up. it may be get up to 3-4 ounces each feeding
Most healthy feeding of newborns involves 2 or 3 ounces of breast milk or formula per feeding, for every pound of body weight, summing up to 32 ounces approximately. A newborn weighing around 7 lbs will consume about 14-21 units of formula in a day.

When your baby is still hungry after 32 ounces of milk or nursing 8-10 times, it may be time to include solid foods in his diet. Usually, this occurs between 4 to 6 months of age. In real life, this may vary from day to day and from baby to baby. so let your baby’s appetite guide the amount.

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