How long do you have to go to school to be a phlebotomist?

Phlebotomist is one of the careers in being a technical staff that is more of a helping hand to nurses and doctors. The blood collection is what the phlebotomist is known for. To be a professional in the field, one needs to achieve a degree of training in the same.
It takes about a month to prepare and apply to the schools which actually give a training in this field. The training is moreover of around 4-8 months, varying for college to college. However, a minimum of 40 hours of classroom instructions and 100 hours of clinical training is important for a successful degree.
Doctors, paramedics and medical researchers depend on the support of a large variety range of technical staff. Many of these technical staff members work in the pathology labs of hospitals and medical clinics. They perform a variety of diagnostic tests on blood and tissue samples. The blood for these tests, as well as the blood and blood products used in surgery, are collected by professionals called phlebotomists. Drawing and safely handling blood is their primary duty. Phlebotomy is taught in a wide range of settings, including community colleges and teaching hospitals.


The phlebotomist is the profession in medical staff where blood is taken from the patient and safely hand over for the various tests. It is a very responsible duty and a tiny mistake can spoil the whole examination of patients medical health. Various stages included starting a phlebotomist i.e, one month of preparation and application to schools. Then 2-8 semesters, depending on the college, Phlebotomy training period. After completion of these, you can call yourself a phlebotomist.