How do I know that I have urinary tract infection?

Urinary tract infection is really common in women and doctors predict a lifetime risk in women to get accustomed to such infections. This kind of infection is self-diagnosable. Generally, you get a burning feeling when you urinate.

There is a frequent desire to urinate though the product of urination isn't much. Also, a certain amount of pain can be felt in lower back and abdomen. The texture of urine may be cloudy, dark or strange-smelling. Tiredness and shakiness is felt in addition to all the symptoms. If the infection has reached the kidney already, then you may also sense fever. Such symptoms can be easily diagnosed by self and conclusion can be drawn about the UTI.


There are some symptoms of urinary tract infections like burning feeling during urinating, intense urge to urinate, feeling pain on your back or lower abdomen. Urine will have cloudy, dar and a strange smell. If you have any of these symptoms then you need to consult your doctor before it becomes more severe and affect your kidney.

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