does green tea make you poop?

Laxatives are thise drugs which soften and regulates the bowel movements. caffinated products may have laxative properites but green tea does not work as a laxative.
The answer would be yes but not in every case. As the component of green tea cleanses your colon and gastrointestinal tract, a lot of waste may accumulate in your body, thereby you may find that you need to go to latrine a little more often. If you feel the jitters in your stomach, don’t worry, it’s just the toxins and wastage leaving your body. You will be fine when your colon system is totally cleansed. The anti-oxidants and compound called catechins in green tea assist in lever and kidney function also. Green tea has catechins in abundance, which boosts your metabolism and helps in burning calorie.


Actually, laxatives are helpful for making poop easily and proper bowel movements. Whenever you consume coffee or tea, you may feel laxative effects. But the question here is. Does green tea contains laxative ingredients and can make you feel poop? Actually, both green and black tea comes from plant Camellia Sinensis. So some people feel that Green tea is helpful for wasting out and some do not feel like this.

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