Can you drink baking soda for heartburn while pregnant

Heartburn is a common problem that a pregnant lady faces. This is solely because of the hormonal changes that is taking place in the body. However, taking medicines is not a good idea as it might affect the growth or health of the baby. The best is to opt for natural remedies. One such remedy comes in the form of baking soda a.k.a as sodium bicarbonate. The question here is whether baking soda is safe for heartburn during pregnancy?

According to researchers, there has been no instance where baking soda had adverse effects on a baby in the womb. In fact, it is a much better option compared to the over the counter medications. One thing that is important here, is to keep a balance and not increase too much of baking soda in the daily consumption as it might trigger edema. Also, consult your doctor before adhering to this natural remedy.


From my point of view, you should consult your doctor before using baking soda. As we all know that heartburn is due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and baking soda can help in many ways. It produces useful elements like water, carbon dioxide, common salt. It also removes acid which is created by your pregnant body and thus relief from heartburn.

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