Can you drink apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach

Apple cider vinegar is one of the boons that you can include in the daily diet for a lot of reasons and bodily benefits. However, there are some questions that always arise when it comes to drinking this liquid in the morning especially on an empty stomach. So can we?
Yes, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with same quantity of raw honey in a cup of hot water is a good way to start the day and on an empty stomach.
This treats bad breath in the morning, lowers cholesterol, boosts energy, improves the digestive system, keeps away heartburn and constipation and even leads to controlled blood pressure and weight.
Taking apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach can make you feel a little uneasy and uncomfortable- Avoid taking Apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach as it can result in the feeling of queasiness. Nothing serious can occur but it will leave you with uneasy sensation. You may burp a lot and vinegar your desire to eat in an unpleasant way

Taking apple cider vinegar after a meal works much better. A better option is drinking it after you have eaten a meal. Because you already had a base of food in your stomach, you will not have that queasy feeling, but the apple cider vinegar definitely reduces your appetite.

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